The Missile Defense Division’s goals include maintaining a close professional relationship among members of the U.S. defense industry, academia and government whose work relates to the missile defense needs of the United States. Mutual understanding between the DoD, military departments and industry eases identifying and resolving missile defense issues and matters of common interest on all sides. The division promotes and sustains the educational goals and objectives of the NDIA through its chartered objectives. It provides government with an industry view of missile defense-related government policies, practices, needs and problems. Finally, it provides a means for dialogue about planning, programming, acquisition, deployment and prospective legislation that can affect the acquisition and readiness of U.S. missile defense programs.


Organized into four distinct activity areas, the division:

  • Sponsors the Congressional Missile Defense Speaker Series with the National Defense University Foundation. This continuing program brings together members of Congress, senior government officials, and industry and academic leaders to discuss issues that include emerging and current threats to U.S. and regional security, the status of ballistic missile defense programs and the role of missile defense in U.S. defense strategy and policy.
  • Holds monthly executive committee meetings in which senior officials, including leaders of the Pentagons Missile Defense Agency, offer presentations and discussions on current topics.
  • Maintains active committees to manage planning for its annual awards dinner and to develop and/or respond to missile defense issues of national interest.
  • Provides, through the Missile Defense Industry (MDI) Group, a biweekly exchange of information between government representatives, NDIA corporate members, paid MDI Group consultants and others who can assist in maintaining a high level of awareness in planning, budgeting and executing major U.S. missile defense programs. Membership in the MDI Group is by annual subscription to offset consultants fees.

Topics: Missile Defense

NDIA Contact

For more information about this Division, please contact:

Ms. Britt Sullivan CMP
Associate Director of Meetings and Special Projects
Phone: (703) 247-2587
E-mail: bsullivan@NDIA.org

Division Contact

Mr. Jeffery Morrow
The Boeing Company
E-mail: jeffery.a.morrow@boeing.com

Policy Contact

For policy-related or congressional inquiries, please contact:

Mr. Wesley Hallman
Senior Vice President for Policy
Phone: (703) 247-2595
E-mail: whallman@NDIA.org