Military Power Sources

The Military Power Sources Committee (MPSC) provides a forum for NDIA members to share information and develop a collective voice on issues related to the preserving and enhancing the domestic design, development and manufacture of energy generation and storage systems, both renewable and non-renewable, and their components for the Department of Defense.

The committee addresses the many different types of power sources required by the DOD, including but not limited to batteries, solar, and fuel cells.  Each power source requires individual assessment and, because there is no one-size-fits-all where power sources are concerned, all have different strengths and weaknesses when applied to critical missions for the DOD.


  • Provide an open forum by which the membership can exchange information, challenges and issues. 
  • Provide a mechanism by which the concerns of the membership can be presented to the appropriate organizations within the Department of Defense and other United States Government
  • Develop documents that support the need for a stable domestic capability to develop, design and produce state of the art power generation and storage systems
  • Convey the concerns of the MPSC in all available open forums such as conferences, symposia and meetings
  • Encourage open dialogue between the membership of the MPSC and all organizations internal and external to the United States Government.
  • Develop workshops, meeting, conferences, etc. that would be of benefit to the members.

Participation within the activities sponsored or organized by the MPSC is open to all interested NDIA memebers who design, develop and manufacture energy generation and storage systems of any sort, and their counterparts in the Department of Defense and other United States Government agencies.

Chair:  Marc Geitter, Crystal Clear Consulting E-mail:

Vice-Chair: James Trevey, ForgeNano  E-mail: