Upcoming NATO Opportunities

NIAG Interface Group supporting multinational cooperation initiatives:  "Modular GBAD” and “Rapidly Deployable Mobile C-RAM”

The NIAG is seeking names and contact details of national experts willing to be volunteers to be member of this Group (before 5 November). NOTE: France and Italy have already responded affirmatively. Details of the Interface Group effort can be found in the NIAG Industrial Interface Group to GBAD (NIIGBAD) notice by the Coordinating Staff Officer. 

In addition, if you are an SME, please indicate if you are willing to hold a position within the NIIGBAD Management Team (Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson and Secretary).
1st meeting of the NIIGBAD
It is currently planned to have the 1st meeting on 11 November in a hybrid format (meeting room at NATO HQ + VTC connection via MS Teams). The choice of this date is driven by the fact that the 2 expert teams on “Rapidly Deployable Mobile C-RAM” and “Modular GBAD” will have a meeting on that same day and that there is an opportunity to conduct a joint session in the afternoon. The NIAG is fully aware that this date may not be convenient due to public holiday in some nations (NB: this is a normal working day at NATO).
In order to plan the organization (specific times, agenda…) of this meeting more detailed information will be forthcoming:

Please advise the NDIA NIAG representative Dana Beyeler no later than November 3, 2021 of your interest.

Dana needs the following information:
     1. Names and contact details of the US national expert, as identified above, who will participate in this meeting.
     2. Will your participation in the first meeting be by physical attendance or by VTC? 

Please note that, because of the short timeframe, the impossibility to attend the meeting will not be detrimental to any SME willing to contribute to the Group and that the agenda will be adapted accordingly. As an illustration, the election of the NIIGBAD Management Team may have to be postponed after this 1st meeting.



An invitation to all NDIA members:

NATO is pleased to invite all those interested to participate in the NATO/EUROCONTROL Air Traffic Management (ATM) Security Coordinating Group (NEASCOG).

Background: The events of September 11th, 2001, led to NATO and EUROCONTROL forming a civilian and military partner working group to engage the aviation community in creating an international forum focusing on Aviation and Air Traffic Management security. The working group through this invitation is reaching out to allies seeking additional participants from the aviation industry.