NDIA Import-Export Compliance Manual Framework

Export/Import Compliance 
A Framework -   

Any company seeking to enter the export/import realm of the defense business must do so with full knowledge of the laws and regulations that govern the international transfer of defense products and technology, and with a working knowledge of a corporate structure and processes that will facilitate legal and regulatory compliance.

The intent of this website is to provide:

  1. An overview of the U.S. Government export and import laws and regulations and links to USG web sites.
  2. A framework for developing an individual company’s export and import compliance program and procedures.

The Framework provided incorporates industry best practices as well as supplemental information and documentation distributed through U.S. government websites, and presented at conferences and public forums by U.S. government agencies. 

Because NDIA member companies range in size, products, types of activities, and business practices, this framework cannot be considered a “one size fits all” solution. It does not provide the full realm of information needed to make a specific responsible export or import decisions.  Rather, it is offered solely as a tool for identifying basic building blocks required for an effective export/import compliance program. 

NDIA encourages its members to consult with export/import compliance professionals when tailoring or customizing a compliance program to fit their specific needs and business processes..

NDIA would like to thank the authors of this framework, Ms. Lisa Bencivenga and Ms. Patricia Dudley, who together have over 20 years experience in the field of export and import compliance. Their companies and services are included in the link to NDIA member companies who offer export/import training, and general consulting services in export and import control laws.

Table of contents for NDIA's Import/Export Compliance Framework Manual

The Import/Export Compliance Framework Manual is available to NDIA Corporate Member Companies only. Individuals working for these companies may request a copy by emailing Britt Sullivan at bsullivan@ndia.org or (703) 247-2587. Companies seeking NDIA corporate membership may view membership information by visiting our homepage at http://www.ndia.org.