William J Perry Award Nominations

In recognition of superb contributions to precision strike systems, the William J. Perry Award recognizes public or private sector leadership or achievement resulting in an immediate and long-term impact that an individual or team has had in shaping the U.S. precision strike combat advantage.

NDIA is pleased to announce the call for nominations for the 2022 William J. Perry Award. Nominees must have made significant contributions that have led to strengthening of our national security by the direct application of precision strike capabilities to DoD systems and/or the enhancement of our industrial technology base for application to precision strike technology. 

Criteria for selecting the annual award recipient:

  • Contribution to the development, introduction, or support of precision strike systems which advanced the defense of the United States
  • Public or private sector leadership or achievement 
  • Breadth of longevity of impact felt by the warfighter
  • Effectiveness as a government/industry team
  • Innovation or technological advancement 
  • Innovation or advancement in affordability

Nomination deadline: Friday, March 18, 2022

To submit your nomination, please email George Webster at gwebster@NDIA.org.