The Bomb & Warhead Division encourages the development and fielding of improved military capabilities and the defense industrial base necessary to these accomplishments. It also provides a forum for the exchange of technical concepts, design techniques and test and evaluation data related to bombs, warheads and both kinetic energy and explosive munitions of all types, including those used against armor, ships, aircraft, submarines, structures and vehicles. The recognition of leadership and technical contributions to warhead technology also is part of the divisions mission.

Major areas of concern include warhead technology, warhead/target interaction methodology, advanced projectiles, counters to active protection systems, modeling and simulation, testing innovations, chemical energy penetrator technologies, kinetic energy penetrator technologies, terminal ballistics, quantification of terminal effects benefits and multipurpose warheads.


The Bomb & Warhead Division works to:

• Provide a conduit to the community for advances in warhead technology.
• Plan and conduct NDIAs annual classified symposium as a strong technical forum.
• Focus on the quality and level of participation in this technical symposium.

Topics: Advanced Projectiles, Multipurpose Warheads, Warhead Technology, Improvised Explosive Devices

NDIA Contact

For more information about this Division, please contact:

Mr. Dave Chesebrough
Vice President, Divisions
Phone: (703) 247-2597
E-mail: dchesebrough@NDIA.org
Ms. Reneé Despot
Manager, Meetings
Phone: (703) 247-2599
E-mail: rdespot@NDIA.org

Division Contact

Mr. Bob Ciccarelli
DE Technologies Inc.
Phone: (610) 337-2800 (x120)
E-mail: ciccar@detk.com

Policy Contact

For policy-related or congressional inquiries, please contact:

Mr. Wesley Hallman
Senior Vice President for Policy
Phone: (703) 247-2595
E-mail: whallman@NDIA.org