Association for Enterprise Information


In 2016, the NDIA Board of Directors voted to incorporate its Affiliate, the Association for Enterprise Information (AFEI), into NDIA in response to recommendations in a strategic study designed to address the changing defense market.


The activities of the ADAPT working group can now be found on this page of the NDIA website. 


From its founding in 1998, AFEI was an affiliate of the National Defense Industrial Association.Established at the time of the creation of NDIA and growing out of the conversion of the CALS Industry Steering Group, AFEI was initially focused on electronic commerce.AFEI evolved its mission to focus on the information challenges of the defense community during the rapid, internet-driven technological advances of the 21st century. 


AFEI enjoyed a 19-year history of government/industry volunteers working on joint projects. Over the years, many changes have occurred as technology has rapidly evolved and expanded, and the role of the Association has grown from its beginning in defense logistics into taking an enterprise view of impacts of information on our enterprises.


AFEI served as the trusted source for collaboration on important enterprise information topics between federal information managers and IT decision-makers, the federal IT vendor community (including consultants, integrators, software and infrastructure providers), and IT research partners in the academic community.


AFEI members engaged with government stakeholders to provide dialog and assessments of the implementation of various emerging technology trends:


 -   SOA, cloud computing, and mobile;

 -   Agile development, architecture, Web 2.0/3.0, and social media;

 -   Identity management and data analytics;

 -   Standards-based innovation and enterprise cyber security; and

 -   DevOps, open source, and standards implementation.


Association for Enterprise Information