Reserve Officer Training Corps Awards Program

The National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) is a longstanding supporter of the Service ROTC programs on the collegiate level with the approval of the Department of Defense.

In recognition of outstanding performance by the cadets, midshipmen and officers under the ROTC Program, NDIA is proud to sponsor this award program.

The ROTC Award (formerly the Gold Scholarship Key Award) has continuously been sponsored by NDIA due to a generous endowment made by a lifetime member.  In acknowledgment of the award, each recipient receives a certificate of recognition, complimentary three-year membership, and a defense medal and Service Ribbon that are authorized by the Department of Defense to be worn on the Service uniform.

The Award is presented to cadets and midshipmen upon the recommendations of their professors of Military, Naval, and Aerospace Science.  The criteria as set forth in Army, Air Force and Navy regulations is that ONE cadet from EACH Service unit may be selected who meets the following criteria:

  1. Above the 50th percentile in academic grads for the class.
  2. Maintains B average or above in ROTC program advance courses.
  3. As the result of ROTC unit evaluation scores, grades are rated in upper 20% of cadet’s/midshipmen unit.  A cadet/midshipman who is otherwise eligible for the award but will not attend ROTC camp until after completion of his/her academic studies, may be considered for the award provided military course standing is in the upper 20% of the total ROTC enrollment as determined by each unit’s professor.
  4. Participates in athletic and/or campus programs.
  5. Demonstrates outstanding leadership qualities.
  6. Is a Senior ROTC Cadet.
  7. Must be able to provide a letter of recommendation.

To submit a request, please click here: Request an ROTC Award Packet.

If approved, an ROTC award packet will arrive prior to the scheduled awards ceremony.

Point of Contact:
Ms. Danielle Butler

NOTE: All submissions must be complete by Friday, April 29, 2022.  Any requests submitted after this deadline will not be considered.