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 388C - CANCELLED - LEARN MORE HERE - SO/LIC Division Executive Briefing - Maj Gen John Borling, USAF (Ret) 

388C - CANCELLED - SO/LIC Division Executive Briefing - Maj Gen John Borling, USAF (Ret) 


"Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of OPERATION HOMECOMING: the Return of U.S. Prisoners of War (POWs) from Vietnam"

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 to 4/16/2013

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Mrs. Meredith Hawley, CMP at or (703)247-9476

Note: This event has been CANCELLED


40 years ago, 591 American Prisoners of War were returned from Hanoi during Operation Homecoming. The SO/LIC Division of NDIA is honored to remember these men and the POWs of all Wars, to include the first Gulf War and current War.

On Tuesday, April 16, 2013, we are pleased to have Maj Gen John Borling, USAF (Ret) address us on his experiences as a POW in the Hanoi Hilton. General Borling was a fighter pilot during the Vietnam War, where he was shot down by ground fire. Seriously injured in his crash, he still attempted to commandeer a Vietnamese supply truck for his escape. General Borling was able to gain control of a supply truck, but the truck was carrying Vietnamese regulars. He was soon overpowered by the soldiers and would spend the next 6½ years as a POW in Hanoi.

General Borling was released on February 12, 1973. Subsequent to his return, he was an F-15 Eagle fighter pilot and Commander of the “Hat in the Ring” squadron. He was an Air Division Commander at Minot AFB and Head of Operations for Strategic Air Command (SAC) in Omaha. In that position, he directed SAC’s support of hostilities in the first Gulf War and Panama, and was charged with execution responsibilities for the nation’s nuclear war plan. At the Pentagon, he led CHECKMATE, a highly classified war fighting think tank and was Director of Air Force Operational Requirements helping initiate a new family of guided weapons. In Germany, General Borling commanded the largest fighter and support base outside the United States and later served at NATO’s Supreme Headquarters in Belgium working directly for the Supreme Commander and Chief of Staff. He was central to the creation of HQ North in Norway and served as Chief of Staff of that integrated NATO/National Command.
General Borling is known as an inspiring Speaker and will talk on this 40th anniversary of the POW release from Hanoi on his experiences as a prisoner, his career and the application of his experience on today’s military. He will be available to sign his book, Taps on the Walls - Poems from the Hanoi Hilton, after the event! Books will not be available at the event, but may be purchased by contacting Mr. Gene Russell, Member, NDIA SO/LIC Board, at The cost per book is $19.95 (pick up at the event) or $25.90 (shipped after the event).

 Note: This event has been CANCELLED

 Note: This event has been CANCELLED

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NDIA POC: Mrs. Meredith Hawley, CMP, Associate Director, Operations, at or (703) 247-9476


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