2019 Global Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Symposium & Exhibition

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  • 8/6/2019 - 8/8/2019
  • Bethesda North Marriott
    5701 Marinelli Road
    Bethesda,  Maryland  20852
    Tel: (301) 822-9200
  • Theme : Innovation for the Future
    Event Type : Symposium, Exhibit
    Event Code : 9950


Join us for the 2019 Global Explosive Ordnance Disposal Symposium & Exhibition, produced by NDIA in partnership with the EOD Warrior Foundation as we examine innovation in training and technology for the international EOD, public safety bomb squad (PSBS) and UXO/demining community. Our theme is “Innovation for the Future”. Military members attend this event for free so expect to interact with numerous EOD technicians in uniform from all services’ operational units as well as program managers and resource sponsors from the Pentagon. There will be attendees and speakers/panelists from the Interagency to include ATF, FBI and the DHS Office of Bombing Prevention. Traditionally, we have a strong showing from NATO and expect to have representatives again from the NATO C-IED and EOD Centers of Excellence.

The Global EOD Symposium and Exhibition continues in its 10th year as a NDIA event in partnership with the EOD Warrior Foundation as THE preeminent annual event for the EOD, PSBS and UXO/demining community.  

*Please Note - The agenda for this symposium has changed from previous years. It will now start at 8:00 am on Tuesday, August 6 and conclude at 12:00 pm on Thursday, August 8.*

NEW Suicide Prevention Workshop!

The EOD Warrior Foundation, in partnership with CIGNA, is excited to feature an EOD Suicide Prevention Workshop, taking place on Wednesday August 7, at the Global EOD Symposium and Exhibition.

This roundtable will include opening remarks by EOD Warrior LTG, US Army, Retired Reynold Hoover and a keynote address by Dr. William Lopez, Senior Medical Director of Behavioral Health at CIGNA.  Other features include presentations from Dr. Kelly Posner, Founder and Director of the Columbia Lighthouse Project at Columbia University will be featured, as well as key members of a Veterans Affairs Research team, a suicide survivor, an individual who has lost a loved one to suicide and a Q&A panel.

Due to the continued epidemic of suicide in the military, and specifically in the EOD Community, it is critical to collaborate: identifying and discussing the issues our warriors face on the battlefield and when they come home, and creating positive and concrete plans in which we can support them.

EOD Warfighter Brain Health Workshop

The NDIA is proud to host an EOD Warfighter Brain Health Workshop during the 2019 Global EOD Symposium and Exhibition (GESE). This workshop will include two panels presenting the two most important perspectives. 

  • Medical perspective panel will included participants from academia, the DoD medical research and Veterans Affairs.
  • The “state of affairs” panel will include representatives from the DoD, VA, and Legislative professionals working on current Brain Health Policy.

Both panels will include moderated panel discussions covering current hot topics immediately followed by an open Q&A session.   

While ever improving medical science and forward positioning of advanced surgical capabilities has provided unpresented battlefield survivability; the number of service members suffering from undiagnosed or poorly understood mTBI and TBI resulting from blast overpressure exposure remains far too high.  While this is not strictly an EOD problem, the joint service EOD community and leaders have taken a thought leadership role as they attempt to better connect the military and civilian medical research communities with those organizations caring for our wounded.   We must collaborate and seek understanding of the complex physiological and psychological results of blast induced brain trauma; ultimately healing these injuries. Equally as important, is development of a practical strategy and policy that establishes the foundation for solving this joint service medical issue. 


The symposium will feature: 

  • Three sub-track professional tenets in Counter IED, Counter UXO and Combating WMD that showcase our international and interagency interoperability
  • The Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization’s Annual Technology Outreach event with senior JIDO leadership and program managers, including breakout sessions on hot topics
  • JIDO’s challenges and fiscal priorities in countering improvised threats. Schedule your company for 1:1 meetings with their representatives
  • Service EOD future requirements and program manager’s acquisition briefings
  • Technical posters and presentations addressing innovative EOD threat solutions
  • Update from the EOD Warrior Foundation on its ground-breaking assistance to the EOD community
  • EOD Warrior Foundation Silent Auction, featuring dozens of unique items and proceeds benefiting the foundation
  • A full exhibit hall of industry companies
  • Numerous networking breaks and a hosted-social reception



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NOTE: This event is open to the press. Please view our media guidelines for details. 

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