Tutorial Descriptions

Overview description of tutorials 

ITAR Technology Considerations-US Export Controls Over Technology –  

Ms. Reeves’ practice focuses on regulatory compliance under US export controls and the federal firearms laws and regulations.   The tutorial will feature a comprehensive overview of US Export Controls over US Technology.

What Gun Gurus Need to Know About “Accuracy’ –

The sources and remedies for small caliber dispersion are presented with a focus on the needs of manufacturers.

Bore Erosion Measurement and Inspection System - Small Caliber (BEMIS-SC) for QC & LAT –

Drawings are now aligned with current barrel dimensions as a baseline.  As new barrels are accepted using the laser based BEMIS SC, we can verify and validate the qualities that prove to enhance accuracy.  The final aspect of the BEMIS SC is that every aspect of measurement is recorded providing ah historical record of that barrel.


ARDEC Terminal Performance Model - An Unclassified Damage Model for Use by Industry

The ARDEC Terminal Performance Model (TPM) is a simplified, unclassified evaluative analysis tool designed to be used by Industry that allows them to estimate the amount of tissue damage a given munition creates upon impacting a human target.  The TPM is nearing a limited beta release, which will be followed by a general release to the US-based small arms community via a web application.


Small Caliber Ammunition Intermediate Caliber Panel –

Discussion regarding Small Arms Intermediate Calibers.  The Committee has defined "Intermediate" to be a caliber between 5.56mm x 45 and 7.62mm x 51 that along with a family of weapons would have better performance (accuracy, lethality, penetration, recoil, etc.) than one or both current cartridges and could be used for both individual and a squad weapons.

Small Caliber Lead Free Primer Panel

US Army seeking to remove lead from small caliber primers.  Panelists will provide an update on progress made with green primers.  USG will address a secondary objective which is to automate Primer manufacturing.


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