Download/Print/View  - MODSIM World 2018 Agenda

Keynote Speakers:

  • Industry Keynote Speaker: Dr. Robby Robinson, CEO, Eduworks
  • Government Keynote Speaker:: Mr. Robert Burns, Deputy Director, Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency

Senior Leader Panel: Executing a Digital Strategy -

Senior Leaders from Government and Industry will share their insights on successfully executing a digital strategy, which includes the integration of M&S into an organization's core value chain.  Panel will discuss the critical elements that make up a digital strategy. Following their comments, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain a better understanding of the issues facing these leaders and the issues that M&S technology transformation can potentially address.
Moderator: RADM James Robb, USN (Ret), President, NTSA

Panel Members:

• Pekka Sivonen,
Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation (invited)
• Brigadier General Henrik Sommer, Assistant Chief of Staff Capability, Engineering and Innovation at Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation
• Margaret Palmieri - Director, U.S. Navy Digital Warfare Office
• Patrick Lincoln, Computer Science Laboratory, SRI International