Division Meetings

August 2018 Meeting

Date: Wednesday, August 15
Time: 8:00 AM –12:30 PM.
Location: General Dynamics (Maritime Plaza), 1201 M St. S, Washington, DC 20003


Meeting Minutes


Opening Remarks - Joe Elm, L3 Technologies (download)

DASD (SE) Overview - Mr. James Thompson, OUSD (R&E)/DASD (SE) (download)
Software Acquisition: Facing the Challenge, Valuing Velocity

Agile Software Acquisition Project - Geoff Draper, Harris and Joseph Elm, L3 Technologies (download)

Mission Engineering Initiative Update - Ed Moshinsky, LMCO and Bill Miller, Stevens Institute (download)

The New INCOSE Systems Engineering Competency Framework - Don Gelosh, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (download)

Announcement of Division elections / Solicitation of Nominations - Joe Elm, L3 Technologies (download)

NDIA SE Nominating committee - Pete Larkin, GDEB (download)

Update on DHS SE Effectiveness Study - Bob Rassa, Raytheon (no slides)

SE Division 2018 Actions - Joe Elm, L3 Technologies (download)

Systems Engineering Conference: Update on 2018 and plans for 2019 - Bob Rassa, Raytheon (download)

Committee Reports 

Architecture (download)
Automated Test (no slides)
Development Test and Evaluation (no slides)
Education & Training (no slides)
Environment, Safety, & Occupational Health (download)
Enterprise Health Management (no slides)
Human Systems Integration (no slides)
Modeling & Simulation (download)
Software Committee (download)
Systems Engineering Effectiveness (no slides)
System Security Engineering (download)
System of Systems (no slides)
Interoperability (no slides)

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