The C4ISR Division is comprised of three supporting committees: C4, ISR and Intelligence.
The C4 and ISR committees focus on national military and defense materiel needs, products and services consistent with Defense Department- and Joint Staff-recognized capability needs and threat evolution concerns at the operational and tactical levels. These two committees offer a venue for industry and government C4ISR industrial-base executives to address pressing policy, technology and budgetary matters associated with US and coalition deployment requirements for which interconnected platform, system support and mission control are critical to achieving commanders’ intent.

In early 2014, the Intelligence Committee was created to provide a forum of discussion and industrial-base action essential to achieving persistent and actionable intelligence across the spectrums of measurement and signature intelligence programs and delivery systems, signals intelligence and imagery (video) collection and dissemination, and intelligence fusion centers operated in concert with national authorities, as well as statutory and human domain constraints.

The primary objective of the C4ISR Division’s three committees is to collaborate with the undersecretaries of defense for intelligence and for acquisition, technology and logistics (AT&L), along with the DoD chief information officer (CIO), through their appointed government liaisons to identify focus areas that can benefit from industry expertise and experience. Within this framework, the C4, ISR and intelligence committees seek out the challenges confronting the director of intelligence, J2/Joint Staff, Defense Intelligence Agency, combatant commands and military services to offer industry views and assistance in providing C4ISR solutions.

The division provides continuous contributions to U.S. national security through periodic studies performed by industry experts for the identified DoD intelligence, AT&L and CIO areas of need. The division also periodically sponsors national symposia, seminars, workshops and bimonthly executive breakfast meetings on C4ISR- and intelligence-related topics.


The C4ISR Division works to:
  • Foster mutual understanding and effective working relationships between government and industry to insure the design, development and production of effective and reliable C4 and ISR products and services meeting government requirements at reasonable costs.
  • Serve as an effective communications vehicle for the exchange of views and information between government and industry on matters of common concern.
  • Provide government with industry advice on government policies, practices, needs and problems within the divisions purview, conducting special studies and forums as may be required.

Topics: ISR, Command and Control, Network Defense, Sensors, Tactical Communications, Vulnerabilities, Combat Architecture, Battle Management

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Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR)