Southwest Regional Chapter

The Southwestern Regional Chapter of the National Defense Industrial Association is a chapter supporting the defense industry across the States of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. This region is made up of 10 military communities, industry, government, academic, and research facilities.


Our mission is to encourage and facilitate the exchange of information between industry and government with particular reference to national security, cyber security, cyber workforce development, and defense preparedness; promoting communication between, and pursuing an active program in support of association membership, recruitment, retention, and to Provide a legal and ethical forum for the interchange of ideas between the government and industry; and providing a value-added service to members.


Participation in the Southwest Chapter is open to any NDIA member, corporate or individual, or anyone interested in becoming a member and who is interested in supporting and advancing the mission of NDIA. The chapter is just getting started through coordination between interested parties in Phoenix and Tucson.  They welcome individuals interested in being actively involved in planning meetings and activities of value to the Defense community in the southwest region.

Contact one of the founding members to get engaged.


Christopher Lank
CEO, Ivis
Phoenix, AZ

Michael Shivers
Tucson, AZ