Class Recordings and Slides

100 Year Branding


Webinar Recording | PowerPoint

The focus of our first class was to explore NDIA’s 100 Year Branding at the Chapter level. All resources can be found on the NDIA website under Chapter Leader Resources and in NDIA’s 100 Years Resources Dropbox for Chapters.We encourage you to take advantage of the customized Chapter Templates which includes letterheads, PowerPoint presentations, and logos all personalized to your chapter!


Member Engagement and Analytics


Webinar Recording | PowerPoint

Each month NDIA Chapter Staff emails each Chapter their current membership list but what are you actually supposed to do with this information? During this webinar you will hear from NDIA Membership and Chapter staff about the anatomy of these member lists—how can you segment your members, glean important information and most importantly how can you leverage this information to better communicate and educate your members.