NDIA 100

NDIA 100th Year Anniversary

The technology used by today’s modern warfighter was unimaginable 100 years ago. In 1919, BG Benedict Crowell’s vision of a collaborative team working at the intersection of science, industry, government and defense began what was to become the National Defense Industrial Association. For the past century, NDIA and its predecessor organizations have been at the heart of the mission by dedicating their time, expertise and energy to ensuring our warfighters have the best training, equipment and support.

Reflecting on NDIA’s history, we embrace the opportunity to emphasize the need for legal and ethical collaboration among military, government, industry and academia to ensure the defense industrial base is prepared for future challenges and conflicts. Just as the early 20th century was characterized by massive transformation in military capabilities, emerging trends in technology and increasing geopolitical challenges demand new strategies and policies in today’s national security landscape.

For our 100 year anniversary, NDIA will reflect on our history while keeping a sharp focus on our role in the future of national security for the next 100 years. Reflecting its strategic priorities, NDIA is creating a series of storylines and content to highlight our 100 years of  experience and emphasize our purpose, partnerships, processes, product innovations and people.

NDIA Strategic Partnership Opportunity

NDIA 100 Strategic PartnersNDIA’s 100-year milestone is a platform to share your value as one of our exclusive partners and as a key resource for the American defense industry. To best leverage this opportunity, NDIA has developed a strategy to communicate your message to our target audiences, including members, government, public officials, media outlets and academic experts.

NDIA is offering exclusive partnership opportunities throughout the year.


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