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 5670 Joint Service Power Expo 

2005 Joint Service Power Expo

Event #5670
May 2-5, 2005
Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, FL

Presentations |


All the preserntations below are in PDF and PPT formats:

Man-Packable Power Systems - Part 1 of 2 - Ken Burt (PDF)

Man-Packable Power Systems - Part 2 of 2 - Scott Blattert (PDF)

Man-Packable Power Systems - Making Sea Power 21 a Reality -  Rudy Pirani (PDF)

TARDEC Power & Energy Program Overview - Gene Danielson (PDF)

TARDEC Power & Energy Program Overview #2 - Gene Danielson (PDF)

Field Power Using Harvested-Energy Sources - Albert Hartman (PDF)

Hybrid Electric Vehicle with On-Board Power Generation - Mike Byerly (PDF)

Lithium Battery Safety - Good Batteries Gone Bad - Clint Winchester (PDF)

150W Portable Direct Methanol Fuel Cell - Lawrence Gestault (PPT)

Advancements in Hydrogen on Demand Fuel Systems for Portable Power Applications - Shailesh Shah (PPT)

BEAR Base Solar Power System - Miriam Keith (PPT)

Development of a CFx D Cell for Manportable Applications - Gregg Bruce (PPT)

Exportable Electric Power-Underhood Power-MEP-STD-001 - Mark Rooney (PPT)

Fuel Cells for Micro Air Vehicles - James Kellogg (PPT)

Future On-Board Vehicle Power Systems - Michael Gallagher (PPT)

Hybrid Electric Military Vehicles with Export Power Capability - Mark Federle (PPT)

Hybrid Fuel Cell Power Sources for the American Warfighter - Nicholas Sifer (PPT)

Introduction to Onboard Vehicle Power - Michael Gallagher (PPT)

Lightweight 2-kW Diesel-Powered Electrical Generator - Greg Cole (PPT)

Logistics-Fueled, Man-portable Generator Sets for Soldier Power, Battery Charging and APU Needs -
S. Paul Dev (PPT)

Managing Power for the Warfighter - Toy Dowdell (PPT)

Micro-Hydro Power Generation for Unattended Ground Sensors - Richard MCCall (PPT)

Military Aircraft Batteries: Technology Updates and Replacements - Susan Waggoner (PPT)

Military Feasibility of a Dynajet Micro Gas Turbine - Hirotaka Kumakura & W. Stephen Piper (PPT)

MSD-920-2 & MSD-970-1 Automatic Battery Test Systems - Greg Miller (PPT)

Navy Pilot Emission Control Program - Jonathan DeHart (PPT)

Power Generation & Distribution Lessons Learned - CW03 Richard Carmichael (PPT)

Recent DoT Activities on Lithium Battery Regulations - Charles Ke (PPT)

Smart Battery Technology for Military Battery Charging & Management - Rick Silva (PPT)

Solar Power, USMC - Joanne Martin (PPT)

Stationary Diesel Generator - Catalytic Converter Emission Control Evaluation - Brian Fillingim (PPT)

Tactical Power & Distribution Assessment - H. Scott Coombe & Hipolito Jimenez (PPT)

Tactical Vehicle Battery Maintenance Management Plan - LTCol Micheal Bissonnette (PPT)

US Army CERDEC Development of Battlefield Fuel Cell Power - Beth Bostic (PPT)

Vehicle Batteries Program (USMC Training) - Mark Abelson (PPT)

Vehicle Batteries Program Appendix - Mark Abelson (PPT)

ZTS Pulse Load Battery Testers - Dave Zimmerman (PDF)


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