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 4100 - 2004 SLAAD Annual Symposium 


2004 Strike, Land Attack & Air Defense (SLAAD) Annual Symposium

Theme: “Naval NETWARCOM, Operational Agent for FORCENET - Netting the FORCE for Transformational Capability”

Event #4100
April 29, 2004
Laurel, MD at Johns Hopkins University
Applied Physics Lab
Kossiakoff Conference Center

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This year's Strike, Land Attack, and Air Defense Division Annual Symposium, was held on Thursday, 29 April 2004, at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab Kossiakoff Conference Center, the theme: “Naval Network Warfare Command, Operational Agent for FORCEnet” – Netting the FORCE for Transformational Capability. Topics discussed included the vision and mission for NETWARCOM, the state of the networks, network security, innovation and experimentation, and information operations. Additional topics included human systems integration into the networks, FORCEnet Fleet requirements, Joint views of FORCEnet, and thoughts from the FORCEnet Chief Engineer and Resource Sponsor. This was a definite “don't miss” for anyone following the progress and details of FORCEnet – the naval component of the GIG!

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Briefings (PPT) Speaker
Welcome  Mr. John Reilly
Introductory Remarks  Dr. Steve Woodall 
Keynote Address  VADM James McArthur 
Status of the Networks  CAPT Kevin Uhrich
Innovation & Experimentation                                                    CAPT (Sel) Rick Simon 
Information Operations  RADM Joseph Burns 
FORCEnet Fleet Requirements and Assessments  CAPT John Yurchak 
USMC Perspective on FORCEnet Implementation  Mr. Robert Hobart 
FORCEnet Resource Sponsor  RDML (Sel) Elizabeth Hight 
FORCEnet Status Today  CAPT Daniel Zazworsky 

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The Association for Enterprise Information    National Training and Simulation Association    Precision Strike Association    Women in Defense