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 2003 NMCI Symposium 3690 

Navy and Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) Industry Symposium

June 17-19, 2003
Event #3690
Sheraton New Orleans, New Orleans, LA

NMCI is a seven year, six billion dollar IT seat management contract that will link more than 360,000 Navy and Marine Corps users together on the world’s largest enterprise-wide intranet. This intranet will serve as the foundation upon which future DON IT initiatives will operate. NMCI is the cornerstone of the DON’s business process re-engineering and transformational efforts. The NMCI Industry Symposium provided an opportunity for industry to learn about current and future Department of the Navy IT needs and how those needs could be met. Highlights of the Symposium included briefings, presentations, and discussions on:

  • Status of NMCI Execution
  • NMCI and the Future of Government IT Sourcing
  • How NMCI has changed the DON IT marketplace
  • NMCI Architectural Standards
  • What Industry Needs to Know About Running a Product on NMCI
  • NMCI Security Standards
  • Task Force Web
  • What the Fleet Wants from Industry
  • DON Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions
  • The role of Functional Area Managers (FAM) in the Acquisition Process
  • NMCI and Legacy Applications
  • NMCI and Integration with the Shipboard IT-21 and Overseas Base Level
  • Information Infrastructure (BLII) Programs
  • The NMCI Product Evaluation Center
  • Becoming an NMCI Partner Vendor

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Tuesday Main Session, 17 June 2003


NMCI Progress (PDF)
RADM Chuck Munns


NMCI Services and Delivery (PDF)
Bill Richard


A Journey of Transformation: Charting the Course for the Department of the Navy's Digital Voyage (PDF)
David M. Wennergren


The Naval Research Enterprise (PDF)



Tuesday Breakout Room A, 17 June 2003


Oracle and NMCI: An Enterprise Approach = Savings (PDF)
J. R. Cumberland


The Challenge of Collaboration (PPT)
Jim Ferguson


Wireless LAN Security (PDF)
Chris Johnson


Zaplet 3: Streamlining Collaborative Business Processes (PDF)
Louise Zullo



Tuesday Breakout Room B, 17 June 2003


DON XML – Achieving Enterprise Interoperability (PDF)
Michael Jacobs


Understanding Software Security (PDF)
John Viega


EDS Presentation (PDF)


PEO-IT Presentation (PDF)



Tuesday Breakout Room C, 17 June 2003


NMCI Release, Upgrades, and Patches & the NRDDG (PDF)
Don Biedermann


Navy Portal Development (PDF)
CAPT Skip Hiser


Web Enabled Navy (PDF)
CAPT Skip Hiser


N@vy Knowledge Online (PDF)
CAPT James Kantner



Wednesday Main Session, 18 June 2003


NMCI Product Evaluation Center (PPT)
CAPT Christopher


NMCI Operations Brief (PPT)
RADM J. P. Cryer


NMCI and the U.S. Marine Corps (PPT)
Debra Filippi


IT Security Panel Discussion (PPT)


PEO-IT: The Future of Non-Tactical IT Acquisition (PPT)



Wednesday Breakout Room A, 18 June 2003


Cisco IP Telephony (PPT)
Dave Corley


Security Centric Management of Planned Change (PDF)
Taher Elgamal and Carl Wright


Microsoft .NET: Interoperability, Integration, & Legacy Applications (PDF)
Mark Lenci


Defense in Depth: Securing the Desktop in a Managed Environment (PPT)
Jeff Stevenson



Wednesday Breakout Room B, 18 June 2003


Navy Enterprise Business Process & Functional Area Management (PPT)
CAPT Sandra T. Buckles


Telos: Xacta Web C&A: Automating the Transition of DoN Legacy Systems/Applications to NMCI (PPT)
Tom Ryder


PEO C4I and Space PMW 165 – Interfacing IT-21 and BLII with NMCI (PPT)
Tim Smith


Navy and Marine Corps Intranet Certification and Accreditation (PPT)
Robert Turner



Wednesday Breakout Room C, 18 June 2003


Delta Security Technologies: ONR Projects to Provide Additional Cyber Security to NMCI (PPT)
Robert Clime


Palm Solutions Group: The Handheld Revolution – What is it? (PPT)
John Inkley


Convera: Using Dynamic Classification To Expand Individual/Intuitive Search Processes (PPT)
Mushtaq Khan


eBusiness on Demand: Accessing Secure eBusiness Systems from NMCI (PPT)



Thursday, 19 June 2003


NMCI Center for Innovation (PDF)
CAPT Chris Christopher


Partnering with EDS to Deliver New Capabilities to the DON (PDF)
Bill Richard


SPAWAR: FORCEnet – Engineering & Architecting the Navy’s IT Future (PPT)
RADM Mike Sharp


DON IT Leadership Panel (PDF)


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