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 2003 Mines and Demolitions 3500 

2003 Mines, Demolitions, and Non-Lethal Weapons Conference & Exhibition

“Assured Mobility and Force Protection – At War and Transforming”

Event #3500
September 9-11, 2003
New Orleans, LA

Conference Objective and Theme
The theme of this year’s symposium was “Assured Mobility and Force Protection – At War and Transforming.” The Army’s evolving requirements for current operations and transformation demand greater flexibility of response, situational awareness, scaleable effects, and the ability to minimize casualties and collateral damage. To address these needs and challenges, presentations were made by the Combat Developers on requirements, by Materiel Developers on the challenges and status of on-going programs, and by Scientific Researchers on emerging technologies and initiatives.

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9-11 Slide Show (PDF–800 KB)

Unit of Action Maneuver Battle Lab: Future Combat System, Major Rob Barnhill (PPT–13.3 MB)

Demolition Modernization Update, Major Butch Boyd, et. al. (PPS–24 MB)

Less Than Lethal Weapons Requirements for Military Forces, Andrew A. Bradick (PPS–3.43 MB)

Infantry Center Presentation, LTC Francis B. Burns (PPT–11.1 MB)

Combat Engineer Lessons Learned: 307th EN BN, 82nd ABN DIV, SSG Carter, et. al. (PDF–2.93 MB)

Non-Lethal Technologies for a Transforming Force: Current to Future Capabilities, John Cline (PPS–42.4 MB)

DoD Homeland Defense, Lt Col Rudy Cohen (PDF–831 KB)

Reactive Materials in Mines and Demolition Systems, Mark Cvetnic (PPS–14.7 MB)

A Unitary Demolition Warhead (PDF–891 KB)

The U.S. Army on Point for America: DCS, G-8 Update (PPT–6.86 MB)

40mm MK19 Non-Lethal Short Range and Long Range Ammunition, Frank Dindl, et. al. (PPS–10.0 MB)

MI Technology Overview, Donald F. Dinn (PDF–1.64MB)

Non-Lethal Integration and Fires, George Durham (PDF–336 KB)

Future Opportunities, Patricia L. Felth (PPT–11.1 MB)

Semi-Autonomous Direct Fire Weapons, Fred Hood (PDF–310 KB)

MLS for Tactical Soldier, Sensor and Munitions Networks (PDF–1.9 MB)

The Army Fuze Safety Review Board Process and Spider, Richard Johnson (PDF–278 KB)

PEO Ammunition: Joint Lethality, Rene Kiebler (PPT–7.92 MB)

Development of a Sabot-Launched Non-Lethal Payload Delivery System for Mortar Systems, Jim Krushat, et. al. (PPS–21.4 MB)

Army Non Lethal Weapons MTT to Operation Iraqi Freedom (PPT–15.2 MB)

Assured Mobility and Force Protection: At War and Transforming, BG William McCoy (PPT–17.1 MB)

NDIA Introduction Brief (PDF–1.25 MB)

Transformation of M139 VOLCANO to The Objective Force, Gary L. Olson (PDF–419 KB)

Roadway Cratering Research, Dennis Rickman (PDF–497 KB)

Operation Iraqi Freedom, Maj. Jason Robbins (PPT–42.0 MB)

Salinero Ambush Photos, SFC Charles S. Salinero (PDF–703 KB)

PM CCS: Conference Overview, James C. Sutton (PPT–37.7 MB)

Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program Update, Kevin Swenson (PPS–15.3 MB)

Field Use of Handheld Computers by Combat Engineers, Fred Taverni (PDF–1.13 MB)

New Wall Breaching Warhead Designs and Tests, LaMar Thompson, et. al. (PPS–14.7 MB)

Establishing One Vision Of the Tactical Assured Mobility Concept and Requirement, LTC Bryan G. Watson (PPT–37.0 MB)

Target Effects Based Requirements Generation: The Role of the ARDEC Target Behavioral Response Laboratory, Ken Yagrich, et. al. (PDF–1.34 MB)

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