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 2003 Intelligent Veh 3570 

3rd Annual Intelligent Vehicles Systems Symposium

June 9-12, 2003
Event #3570
Grand Traverse Resort & Spa
Traverse City, MI

Jointly Sponsored by:
Vetronics Technology Area & National Automotive Center and the
Intelligent Vehicle Systems Section of the National Defense Industrial Association

The Army is transitioning toward a lighter weight force structure that can initiate combat quickly and win decisively. This transformation force (Objective Force) must be more responsive, deployable, agile, versatile, lethal, survivable, and sustainable than the current force. Intelligent system technologies are critical to achieving these capabilities. Many of these technologies have application to Commercial Automotive products and are being pursued by the Automotive Industry. This conference will focus on military and commercial concepts and progress in implementing intelligent system technologies being pursued by the Military and Industry.


The objective of the annual Intelligent Vehicle Systems Symposium is to provide researchers, developers, and program managers (from government, academia, and industry) a forum for exchange of information on current work related to the advancement of technologies and applications of intelligent systems to Army and Commercial vehicles. It also provides an opportunity to view the latest vendor technologies.

Overview & Workshops

The meeting was three and one half-days. There were four technical workshops on the first day sponsored by the Vetronics Institute.

  • Workshop 1 - "Tutorial: Ultra Wide Bandwidth Systems"
  • Workshop 2 - "Vehicular Power Electronics: Automotive and Aerospace Applications of Power Electronic Converters and Motor"
  • Workshop 3 - "Roadmap to Models for Emulating, Predicting, and Timing Intelligent Behavior"
  • Workshop 4 - "Integration of a Processor System Model with Modelica"

The following three Workshops were sponsored by the National Automotive Center (NAC):

  • Workshop 5 - "Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR)"
  • Workshop 6 - " Future Tactical Truck System"
  • Workshop 7 - "Advanced Collaborative Environment (ACE)"

The next two and one half days consisted of sessions under the following headings:

  • Program Session
  • Unmanned Systems
  • Architectures
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Telematics
  • Applications
  • Safety Systems & Useability
  • Vendor Displays

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Vetronics Overview (PPT)

Curt Adams
Associate Director
TARDEC Vetronics


National Automotive Center (PDF)

Dennis Wend
Executive Director
National Automotive Center





Advanced Collaborative Environments: Vision + R&D + Services = Critical Support to Army Programs (PDF)

TARDEC's Advanced Collaborative Environments (ACE) Laboratory

  • Ken Ciarelli
  • Suzanne Shutes
  • Michael Cadieux
  • Bill Smith


Smart Distribution Status Briefing: Enabling Technology for the Objective Force (PDF)

Gregory Ferdinand


Future Tactical Truck System (FTTS) (PPT)



Future Tactical Truck Systems: Concepts and Analysis (M&S) Activities for the FTTS ACTD (PDF)

Roger Halle
TARDEC, Advanced Concepts


Small Business Program 2003 (PPT)

Joe Barr
Small Business Office, AMSTA-CS-CB


Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Workshop:
“Process & Project”
A Contractor’s Perspective

American Systems Technology Inc.

  • Brian L. Crankshaw
    V.P. Gov. Business Operations
  • Michael Losh
    V.P. Core Technology


Dual-Use Technology Transfer (PPT)

National Automotive Center


ThermoAnalytics (PPT)

Keith Johnson



Session 1


Future Tactical Truck Systems (PPT)

Nance Halle


FCS Manned Ground Vehicles (PPT)

Raj Rajagopal
Vice President
Advanced Programs & Technology

Robert Sorge
Future Combat Systems


Crew integration and Automation Technologies Advance Technology Demonstrator (CAT ATD) (PPT)

Melissa J. Fearnside
Intelligent Systems Team
U.S. Army Tank-Automotive RD&E Center (TARDEC), Vetronics Technology Area


Advanced Mobile integrated Power System (AMPS) - STO (PPT)

John Monroe


Mobility for the Individual Soldier (PPT)


  • Steven W. Kolhoff
    Project Engineer, National Automotive Center (NAC)
  • David J. Gorsich
    Senior Research Scientist, Director - TARDEC Robotics Mobility Laboratory (TRML)



Session 2


Virtual Proving Ground Terrain Validation (PPT)

Nancy Truong
National Automotive Center (NAC)
Ground Vehicle Simulation Laboratory (GVSL)


A Ground Vehicle Simulation Design to Study Driver Display Concepts (PPT)

US Army TACOM-TARDEC National Automotive Center (NAC), Ground Vehicle Simulation Laboratory (GVSL)

  • AnnMarie Meldrum
  • Victor Paul
  • Al Reid
  • Harry J. Zywiol, Jr.


Current Trends in Vehicle Driveline Modeling and Simulation (PPT)

National Automotive Center

  • Richard Jacobson
  • Dan Kedziorek


Interactive Vehicle Level Human Perfomance Modeling (PPT)

Tim Lee
DCS Corporation


PC Based Immersive Virtual Prototyping (PPT)


  • John Brabbs
  • Mark Sokolik


Reusing Vehicle Simulation Software – Mission Impossible? (PPT)

Gary Green
Institute for Simulation and Training,
University of Central Florida


CAT/RF Simulation Lessons Learned (PPT)

Christopher Mocnik
Embedded Simulation Team
RDECOM TARDEC, Vetronics Technology Area


CORBA and HLA: Enabling Future Network-Centric Vehicle Systems? (PPT)

Robert Kling
Electronic Architecture Team
TARDEC, Vetronics Technology Area



Session 3


Security of Wireless Networks in Intelligent Vehicle Systems (PDF)

Wayne State University
Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.

  • Syed Mahmud
  • Shobhit Shanker


Locomotives, Tanks, and Predictive Telemaintenance (PPT)

John Fowler
L3 Communications

Lawrence Jordan


Pervasive Computing:
Why did the logistics soldier cross the road?

Mark J. Salamango
Chief Pervasive Architect


Small Business Innovation Research: A Deployable Wireless Architecture for Sensor-Based Embedded Diagnostics and Prognostics on Ground Vehicles (PPT)

Michael Losh
VP Core Technology
American Systems Technology Incorporated


Brigade Combat Team Diagnostics and Prognostics (PPT)

Mitchell J. Kozera
Vehicle Intelligence and Safety Team
National Automotive Center


Cost & Complexity Trade-offs in Prognostics (PPT)

George Vachtsevanos
School of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology



Session 4


Operator Control Units (OCUs) for the Dismounted Soldier (PPT)

TARDEC and Carnegie Mellon University,
Field Robotics Center

  • Robert Kania
  • Philip Frederick
  • Vetronics Robotic Mobility Team


Embedded Vehicle Version Identification Tracking and Compatibility Checking (PPT)

Edgar Dalrymple
Computer Engineer, US Army AMCOM

Bruce Bardell
Chief Systems Engineer, A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles
United Defense LP, Ground Systems Div.


M915 - Palletized Loading System Demonstrator (PPT)

Jeffrey Kozierowski
National Automotive Center


Auto-Reconfiguration on Grizzly (PPT)

N.S. Mohan
United Defense, L.P.
Ground Systems Division


Intra-vehicle Video and Audio Recording for Data Collection Purposes (PPT)

Jeffrey F. Jaster
Intelligent Systems Team
TARDEC, Vetronics Technology Area


Smart Coatings™ Materiel Program (PPT)

Nelson Colon
Industrial Ecology Center



Session 5


Driving Simulator Experiment: Detecting Driver Fatigue by Monitoring Eye and Steering Activity (PPT)

Center for Intelligent Systems Research and GW Transportation Research Institute
The George Washington University

  • Azim Eskandarian
  • Riaz Sayed


A Lesson From the Past for Safer Future Tactical Vehicle (PPT)

Ken Deylami
U.S. Army Research And Development Engineering, National Automotive Center


Warfighter-Machine Interface Considerations for Future Combat Systems (PDF)

Terrance Tierney
Crewstation Technology Team
TARDEC, Vetronics Technology Area


Evaluation of the USDOT’s Intelligent Vehicle Initiative (IVI) Generation 0 Field Operational Tests (PPT)

John E. Orban

Luigi “Gino” Mastrippolito
U.S. Army ATC


A Comparison of Commercial Speech Recognition Components for use in Police Cruisers (PPT)

Andrew L. Kun

Brett Vinciguerra


Design and Evolution of Hand Controllers (PDF)

David Sulkowski
V.P. Engineering
Measurement Systems, Inc.



Session 6


Fire Control-Node Engagement Technology (FC-NET) (PPT)

Deborah A. Butler
Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center


Vetronics (PPT)


An Approach to Intra-Vehicular Data Registration and Management (PPT)

William Pritchett
DCS Corporation


Becoming an Expert at Architectures An Iterative Approach (PPT)

Kevin Griffin
General Dynamics


Bit Multiplexed Real Time Network– A Novel Approach to Real-Time Networking (PPT)

University of Michigan-Dearborn

  • Paul Richardson
  • Mukul Gadde


Pervasive Computing (PvC) (PPT)

Timothy A. Bailey
Enterprise IT Architect


Implementation of Adaptive Deadline Monotonic Scheduling on an Embedded Controller Area Network (PPT)

University of Michigan-Dearborn

  • Paul Richardson
  • Trevor Cook
  • David Hui
  • Walid Aldeeb


Army Transition To 42-V Vehicular
Electrical Power System

DCS Corporation

  • Barry Gilbert
  • Mike Smith


  • M. Abul Masrur
  • John Monroe
  • Rakesh Patel



Session 7


Future Combat Systems Unmanned Combat Demonstration Soldier Task Loading Results (PPT)

Gary Kamsickas


Robotic Follower
Experimentation Results

Jeffrey Jaczkowski
Team Leader


Robotic Path Following using Navigational Unattended Ground Sensors (NAV-UGS) (PPT)


  • Anthony Giovanetti
  • Albert Shyu
  • Lou McTamaney


  • David Baughman


  • Philip Frederick

Sensoria Corporation

  • William Merrill
  • Guillaume Rava


  • Kris Alluri


An Architecture for Intelligent Automotive Collision Avoidance Systems(PPT)

Wayne State University
Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.

  • Syed Mahmud
  • Shobhit Shanker


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