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 2003 IHAS Industry Day 3310 

Interagency Homeland Air Security National Capital Region Demonstration Industry Day

September 10, 2003
Event #3310
Kossiakoff Center, Laurel, MD

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The Joint Theater Air & Missile Defense Organization (JTAMDO), in support of the interagency homeland air security community and in cooperation with the National Defense Industrial Association, is pleased to announce an “Interagency Homeland Air Security (IHAS) National Capital Region (NRC) Demonstration” Industry Day. The purpose of the IHAS NCR Industry Day is to describe desired interagency capabilities and characteristics critical to the deterrence, prevention, or interdiction of aerial threats to the United States and to solicit industry for concepts and technologies to defeat terrorists from using air vehicles as a weapon to perpetrate attacks on the United States. JTAMDO has been funded through FY06 to conduct a series of demonstrations in the NCR where selected programs from Industry Day will be evaluated as solutions to capability needs.

The day’s main objective is to bring together developers of concepts and technologies in the areas of Air Surveillance and Sensors, Correlators and Trackers, Data Distribution, Communications, Decision Aids, and Data Fusion with field operators looking for ways to find cost-effective air security solutions. Representatives from all federal agencies working in air security plan to be in attendance.

The event will consist of a number of briefings, panel discussions, and poster sessions focused on conveying the government’s desired capabilities and characteristics for Homeland Air Security. Industry will be offered the opportunity after the conference to submit “White Papers” describing their concepts and technologies, as candidates for funding for demonstration and evaluation in the NCR . This conference will be held at the SECRET, US-only level.

Click here for more information regarding the purpose of this event.

Presentation on Emerging Threats and Challenges for Homeland Air Security (PDF)

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The Interagency Homeland Air Security National Capital Region Demonstration Industry Agenda is outlined below.

Morning Session, 10 September 2003



Registration and Security Check In



Welcome & Opening Remarks – Introductions, Admin, Expectations
Dr. Fridling, JTAMDO



Keynote Presentation – “What are the Stakes?”
ADM Loy, Administrator, TSA



Break & Poster Sessions



Homeland Air Security (HAS)


  • HAS Operational Concept
  • HAS Operational Architecture & Video
  • Surveillance Baseline (Secret)
  • Interagency Concept of Operations (CONOPS) Operational Assessment (Secret)



National Capital Region Coordination Center (NCRCC)
Mr. Fulton, TSA



Lunch & Poster Sessions



Afternoon Session



Keynote Presentation – “Partnership with Industry – Key to Homeland Security Success”
Mr. Verdery, Assistant Secretary for Homeland Security


1:15–2:00 PM

NCR Demo Plan

Dr. Fridling, JTAMDO

  • Milestones & Objectives
  • Desired Capabilities & Characteristics: Sensors, Intelligence & Information Sharing, Correlators, Automated Decision Support for Intent Determination, Communications


2:00–2:30 PM

Break and Poster Sessions


2:30–4:00 PM

Interagency Perspectives on Homeland Air Security

Moderator: Dr. Fridling


  • Dr. Brecht-Clark, HSC
  • Mr. Washington, FAA
  • Mr. Stallworth, ICE
  • Dr. Null, TSA
  • Mr. Kirkes, USSS
  • Brig Gen Clary, USAF/XOH
  • Brig Gen Fletcher, 111ADA
  • Col Corbett, 1st AF CV


4:00–4:45 PM

Question & Answer Panel Session to Interagency Panel


4:45–5:00 PM

Wrap Up – Review Expectations & Answer Questions

Moderator: Dr. Fridling


5:00–6:30 PM

Social – Hosted Reception


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The Interagency Homeland Air Security Industry Day was held at the:

Kossiakoff Conference Center at Johns Hopkins University
11100 Johns Hopkins Rd.
Laurel, MD 20723
(240) 228-5000

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White Paper Information

Click here for the submission format (PDF).

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Activity Point Papers

Point paper general information (PDF)

All of the following point papers are in PDF format.

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For questions regarding the Symposium, please contact Associate Director, Ms. Christina Buck at (703) 247-9478 or e-mail to

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Affiliate Associations

The Association for Enterprise Information    National Training and Simulation Association    Precision Strike Association    Women in Defense