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Individual Membership

Defense professionals need the right equipment to do their jobs. NDIA is the association for defense professionals. No matter what your role in the defense community – government, military, industry, academia – you need a source for knowledge, information, and contacts. You can rely on NDIA membership to meet that need.

NDIA Membership Equips Defense Professionals.

Members receive:

  • technical and policy information at symposia from the movers and shakers in the field plus contact with peers who share your professional interests*
  • member discounts on meeting registration
  • 12 issues each year of National Defense magazine, reporting defense developments, trends, and issues
  • free access to job opportunities and discounted job vacancy postings through our Monster Career Services Portal
  • access to job opportunities and discounted job vacancy postings through our Monster Career Services Portal
  • the annual Mega Directory, a handy reference of corporate capabilities and the defense acquisition community
  • local networking in most parts of the nation through a chapter
  • savings through special services with partners
  • convenient online meeting registration, contact information updates, and membership renewal

How to Join:

To find out if your needs are better served by corporate membership, learn more here.

Increase Knowledge & Contacts:

Logistics, policy, combat, and acquisition form the base for most technical and policy symposia, about 80 per year. By attending, you will meet and hear from the movers and shakers in the field and increase contact with peers who share your interests. Defense professionals from the public and private sectors rely on these programs for information straight from the experts and for making contacts in industry and government.

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NDIA equips you with information you can use. National Defense magazine helps you stay on top of market trends, scientific breakthroughs, product development, and military programs. Each month, this member benefit brings you news and views from the Pentagon, the administration, Congress and industry. Learn more at

Through its symposia, exhibitions, and chapters, NDIA offers networking with many key government and industry people.

Government Policy
NDIA serves as an advocate in Washington to work with Congress and the Executive Branch on broad industry issues. Details and recent examples are available on NDIA's Advocacy pages.

NDIA is Equipped to be Your Source.

The mission of NDIA is to:

  • Provide legal and ethical forums for interchange between government and industry.
  • Promote essential national security policies and programs in public, industrial, and governmental activities.
  • Provide industry advice to government.
  • Facilitate mutual understanding and working relationships between government and industry.
  • Provide leadership in technology and education related to national defense.
  • Support economic strength through international competitiveness.

The National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) is a non-profit, educational association representing industry, government, and all military services. Nearly 1,800 companies and more than 87,000 individuals build their businesses, careers, and the future of the industrial base through NDIA membership.

NDIA provides a forum for the interchange of ideas and technology between government and industry. It is in a key position to shape issues and influence defense policies through its chapters and divisions covering key facets of defense. NDIA dues may be deductible as a business expense. Please consult your tax advisor to be sure. NDIA is a 501(c)3 organization.

* "Symposia” refers to NDIA’s large conferences. NDIA Division and Committee business meetings are reserved for NDIA corporate members. Click here to find out how to become a corporate member of NDIA.

National Defense Industrial Association
2111 Wilson Blvd., Suite 400, Arlington, VA 22201
Phone: (703) 522-1820; FAX: (703) 522-1885

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