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Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership, National Defense Industrial Association

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America’s leading defense industry association promoting national security

If your company is part of defense industry, you have a place in NDIA. By joining, your company and its products become more marketable because of the knowledge, visibility, and contacts gained. Plus, you can help shape the government policy the association voices, and you are assured you support an organization committed to defense industrial readiness.

NDIA Membership for Small Businesses

Increase Knowledge and Contacts
Through corporate membership, individuals in your organization increase access to information and the contacts they need to keep building your programs.

Technical and policy symposia connect you to the core of the industry. Logistics, policy, combat, and acquisition form the base. By attending, you will meet and hear from the movers and shakers in the field. Plus, you will increase contact with peers who share your company's interests. Defense professionals from the public and private sectors rely on these programs for information straight from the experts and for making contacts in industry and government. If you or someone from your company makes a presentation, you contribute to the body of knowledge. When your staff members attend NDIA symposia, they are eligible for member rates.

Technical & Policy Divisions
NDIA divisions, committees, and working groups are volunteers representing their organizations and industries, focused on scientific, technical, policy, and management disciplines of national defense. Participation is limited to representatives of corporate members. By choosing to take part, your company's representatives might plan symposia, prepare studies, and develop policy recommendations. Increase contacts with fellow experts in the field as a member.

The more knowledge the individuals in your company have, the better they meet the needs of your customers. NDIA equips you with information you can use.

National Defense Magazine helps your employees stay on top of market trends, scientific breakthroughs, product development, and military programs. Each month, this member benefit brings you news and views from the Pentagon, the administration, Congress, and industry. Each person you list as a nominee receives a copy of the magazine.

Enhance Visibility
In person, in print, online. Membership keeps your company visible before a targeted audience so that decision-makers from prime contractors and military purchasers recognize your name.  In print. List capabilities and contacts in the annual Mega Directory issue of National Defense magazine. This "who's who" is read and retained by defense industry community decision-makers, so your company name stays in front of them.

Have your Washington office listed in the annual Corporate Members Washington Offices Directory, 2016 version to ensure your company's contacts in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area are easy for prospective clients to find. 

Online. Members receive a link from NDIA's member company web page to your web site.

In person at exhibitions. Approximately 10 exhibitions per year bring contacts to you. Building presence over time helps establish relationships with current and prospective customers. The member discount is typically several hundred dollars. For many small companies, the savings is usually more than the price of annual dues. The Exhibits area of the website provides details.

Help Shape Government Policy

Regardless of the business climate, defense spending, procurement, and acquisition always draw concerns. NDIA members know they have a place to voice concerns about issues and an advocate in Washington to work with Congress and the Executive Branch on industry issues and to guide legislation and policy.

The association serves as an advocate for broad issues. Examples include supporting the development of a national security strategy for the 21st Century, Department of Defense modernization, enhanced training and logistics, acquisition process improvement, export control reform, and defense workforce revitalization.

Make Local Contacts & Partners; Profit from Other Resources
Local networking comes from one of 52 chapters, located in most parts of the nation. Typical chapter programs introduce you to leaders in industry and government close to your home. Members have access to Pentagon Federal Credit Union membership and to Enterprise Rent-A-Car discounts.

Rely on NDIA's Mission to Stay Successful

NDIA Mission

  • Advocate: Cutting-edge technology and superior weapons, equipment, training, and support for the war-fighter and first responder
  • Promote:  A vigorous, responsive, government-industry national security team
  • Provide: A legal and ethical forum for exchange of information between industry and government on national security issues

NDIA provides a forum for the interchange of ideas and technology between government and industry. It is in a key position to shape issues and influence defense policies through its chapters, committees, and divisions covering key facets of defense. The association is the result of the 1997 merger of the American Defense Preparedness Association and the National Security Industrial Association. Affiliate associations provide additional contacts. Access details from the home page.

The National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) is a non-profit, educational association representing industry, government, and all military services. Over 1,600 companies and more than 89,000 individuals build their businesses, careers, and the future of the industrial base through membership in NDIA and its affiliates. Dues may be deductible as a business expense; consult your tax advisor to be sure. NDIA is a 501(c)3 organization.

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