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 Tester of the Year Award 

The awards, presented to outstanding individuals in the field of Test & Evaluation, offer OSD and each Military Service Test & Evaluation Department the opportunity to select three award recipients for recognition as the Tester of the Year in specific categories.  The three categories recognized are: Military, Civilian, and Contractor.

2011 Tester of the Year Award Recipients:

MAJ Altwan Whitfield Mr. Michael Nott Mr. Kenneth Van Allen


Military: MAJ Altwan Whitfield, USA
Civilian: Mr. Michael Nott
Contractor: Mr. Kenneth Van Allen


LTC Mark J. Gruber, USA Mr. Frederick Marsh Mr. Robert J. Mattes


Military: LTC Mark J. Gruber, USA
Civilian: Mr. Frederick Marsh
Contractor: Mr. Robert J. Mattes


Mr. Roger D. Bridges

Air Force

Military: Maj Jason R. Goldberg, USAF (Not Pictured)
Civilian: Mr. David C. Fedors (Not Pictured)
Contractor: Mr. Roger D. Bridges


Maj Richard M. Rusnok, USMC Mr. Bryan M. Racine Mr. Steve D. Hope

Marine Corps

Military: Maj Richard M. Rusnok, USMC
Civilian: Mr. Bryan M. Racine
Contractor: Mr. Steve D. Hope


Ms. Amber Huffman Mr. William F. Smith


Military: LCDR Daniel J. Radocaj, USN (Not Pictured)
Civilian: Ms. Amber Huffman
Contractor: Mr. William F. Smith



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