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 Tester of the Year Award 

The awards, presented to outstanding individuals in the field of Test & Evaluation, offer OSD and each Military Service Test & Evaluation Department the opportunity to select three award recipients for recognition as the Tester of the Year in specific categories.  The three categories recognized are: Military, Civilian, and Contractor.

2013 Tester of the Year Award Recipients:  

Military: Colonel Scott Cain, USAF
Civilian: Mr. Dewain Smith
Contractor: Ms. Elaine McDonell

U.S. Army
Military: Colonel Patrick Mason, USA
Civilian: Dr. Kenneth Whigham
Contractor: Mr. Sergio Cafarelli

U.S. Navy
Military: Lieutenant Griffin Hetrick, USN
Civilian: Ms. Meredith A. Almoney
Contractor: Mr. Allen Johnson

U.S. Air Force
Military: Major Jermaine S. Sailsman, USAF
Civilian: Mr. William M. Jepson
Contractor: Mr. Corey R. C. Kimura

U.S. Marine Corps
Military: Major David F. Sadlier, USMC
Civilian: Mr. Scot A. Hoesly
Contractor: Mr. John W. Mangan


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