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 Enterprise Health Management Workshop 

Enterprise Health Management Workshop
January 28-30, 2009
New Orleans, LA
Event #987B

Welcome Remarks
Mr. Howard Savage, President, Savage Consulting, Inc.

Keynote Visions & Initiatives
Mr. John Johns, Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, Maintenance Policy and Programs

NDIA Task Description & Goals
Mr. Chris Reisig, Integrated Diagnostics, Boeing

EHM/CBM+ Visions
Mr. Jerry Dolinish, U.S. Army G-4 and Logistics Innovative Agency
Mr. Brien Hughes, HQ USAF Directorate of Transformation
Mr. Nick Linkowitz, HQMC/LPV, USMC
Presented by Mr. Ed Crow
Mr. Roger Vodicka, Joint Strike Fighter PHM

Lunch Speaker
Mr. David Pauling, Vice President, Strategic Planning Global Sustainment, Lockheed Martin
Presented by Mr. John Johns

Program & Industry Perspective
Mr. George Garcia, RDECOM Branch Chief Diagnostics & Prognostics, U.S. Army
Dr. Kai Goebel, NASA Senior Scientist, Prognostics COE Lead
Mr. Mike Jacobs, CBM COE Engineering Director, Honeywell
Dr. Robert Lusardi, DPM Light Armored Vehicles
Mr. Ray Lytle, Director Life Cycle Engineering, Raytheon Missile Systems
Mr. Chris Savage, Life Cycle Manager Condition Assessment Systems & Head, Machinery Enterprise Information Systems, NSWC-CD, USN

EHM/CBM+ Technology Transition Now
Mr. Marty Chamberlain, Vector Technologies; Transition Manager ONR Sense and Respond Logistics
Mr. Doug Goodman, President & CEO, Ridgetop Group
Dr. Kirby Keller, Technical Fellow, Boeing
Mr. Thomas Dresch, BAE Systems, Inc.; Platform Solutions

Baseline EHM Framework & Introduction to Breakout Sessions
Mr. Luis Hernandez, Director, R&D and Product Development, GSS

Established Framework Briefing
Mr. Phil Scandura, Honeywell
Mr. Steve Desantis, Diagnostics & Support Equipment Engineering, Boeing
Mr. Pat Kalgren, Manager, Electronic Systems PHM, Impact Technologies
Mr. Terry Tracy, Raytheon
Mr. Ed Crow, Pennsylvania State University - USMC Autonomic Logistics
Ms. Sonia Vohnout, Ridgetop Group
Mr. Mike Ard, Raytheon
Mr. Phil Dussault, U.S. Army Diagnostics/Prognostics Lab

Peer to Peer Review
Mr. Ed Crow, Pennsylvania State University - USMC Autonomic Logistics

Wrap-up/Path Forward
Mr. Howard Savage, President, Savage Consulting, Inc.


Affiliate Associations

The Association for Enterprise Information    National Training and Simulation Association    Precision Strike Association    Women in Defense