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 Committees and Leadership 

NDIA Headquarters Staff

Procurement Executive Committee (PEC)

This Committee functions as the executive body of the Procurement Division and will determine the Division's objectives, policies, and major courses of action and means of implementing such objectives and policies. This is an elected body.

  • Chair: Deborah Thurman
  • Vice Chair: John Russell, Northrop Grumman Corporation

Contract Finance Committee (CF)

This Committee focuses on the many constantly evolving pricing, costing, and financial aspects of government acquisition. Acquisition activities relating to financial management, financial accounting, auditing, cost allowability, cost reporting, contract pricing, financing, profits, payments, and disbursements are subject areas of concern, reaction, recommendation, and follow-up for this committee.

  • Chair: Paul Pompeo, Esq., Arnold & Porter
  • Vice Chair: Matt Popham, Leidos

Contract & Acquisition Management Committee (CAM)

This Committee monitors those aspects of government acquisition dealing with the solicitation process, contract negotiation, and the administration and close-out of government contracts.

  • Chair: Lynne Hood, Concurrent Technologies Corporation
  • Vice Chair: Paul Bailey

Legal Committee

This committee acts on legal issues facing government contractors, including statutes, regulations, court decisions, and federal agency policies related to the affairs of the association generally and to the federal acquisition and procurement process more specifically.

  • Chair: William Colwell, Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • Vice Chair: Michael Anstett, Fried Frank  

Industrial Security Committee (ISC)

This Committee represents member companies in all matters regarding industrial security. It is responsible for monitoring all security matters relating to the Defense Industrial Security Program (DISP), special access programs, and other activities which affect national security programs and corporate assets.

  • Chair: Mike Witt, Ball Aerospace
  • Vice Chair: Mitch Lawrence, USIS

Industrial Committee on Program Management (ICPM) 

The purpose of the ICPM is to provide a forum for senior program management representatives from the Defense Department and NDIA corporate member companies to periodically meet and review issues of common interest and concern.

  • Co-Chair (Industry): Steven Barnoske, Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • Co-Chair (Government): Darlene Costello, OUSD (AT&L)

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