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 Fuze Section 

Fuze Section



The purpose of the Fuze Section shall be to promote an open exchange of technical information among government and industry technical personnel, and to identify and address changes in standards, guidance, policy, and organizational functions that impact the development, production, and performance of fuzes.

The Fuze Section's scope will encompass those areas relating to the technical and programmatic aspects of fuzes, fuze packaging and related safety devices (sensors, arm/fire devices (AFD), safety and arming (S&A) devices, etc.)


Donald Shutt
Business Development
ATK Tactical Propulsion & Controls
4700 Nathan Lane North
Plymouth, MN 55442
Phone:  (763)744-5543

Steering Committee Industry Members

Government Members

Past Chairs

  1. Eric Roach, Lockheed Martin  
  2. Gabe Peterie, Steward Warner
  3. Jim Erickson, Steward Warner
  4. Dick Strauss, Steward Warner
  5. Al Dilz, KDI, Cincinnati, OH
  6. Art Linkins, Kodak
  7. Ken Clark, Textron
  8. William Kurtz, General Electric
  9. Len Friedman, Action-Manufacturing
  10. Martin Tanenhaus, Martin Marietta
  11. Col Bruce Mueller, Raytheon
  12. Pete Belino, Motorola
  13. John Gwynn, Bulova
  14. Ken Kelly, Raymond Engineering
  15. Fred Piering, Dayron
  16. John C. Timmerman, Alliant Techsystems
  17. Ed Cooper, L3 Communications, BT Fuze Products
  18. Dave Lawson, L3 Communications KBI
  19. Dr. Barry Neyer, Excelitas Technologies 



The Harry Diamond Fuzing Excellence Award recognizes the individual who, in the judgment of the panel, has made the greatest overall contribution to the fuze program during their lifetime.  The achievements for which this award will be considered may relate to any of the many components that make up this highly diverse, complex, vital commodity, from R&D through demilitarization and disposal.

The award will encompass achievements during the nominee’s career and will be presented to the winner at the annual NDIA Fuze Conference.  This competition is open to all individuals, regardless of grade or position, in the United States fuze community.  All military personnel, government civilians, and contractor employees are eligible. 

All service munitions supervisors of Headquarters, munitions plants, depots, laboratories, and proving grounds, are asked to seriously consider the contributions of their best qualified subordinates for this prestigious award.

Questions?  Please contact Loey Bleich, Meeting Planner



Affiliate Associations

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