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 US-Japan Industry Forum for Security Cooperation (IFSEC) 

U.S.-Japan Industry Forum for Security Cooperation (IFSEC)

The U.S.-Japan Industry Forum for Security Cooperation (IFSEC) was created in 1997 at the invitation of the US Department of Defense (DoD) and the Japan Defense Agency (JDA). IFSEC is intended to:

  • Provide a channel for industry dialogue on issues affecting U.S.-Japan programs;
  • Serve as an industry advisory group to DoD and JDA. 

IFSEC works to encourage industrial collaboration that utilizes the technological resources of both countries, address problems that obstruct such interaction, and thus contribute to more effective armaments cooperation between the U.S. and Japan.

IFSEC membership is drawn from major U.S. and Japanese defense contractors, supported by a Secretariat drawn from NDIA’s International Division and the Defense Production Committee of the Japan Business Federation (Nippon Keidanren). Current IFSEC Co-Chairmen are Mr. Stuart Thomson of The Boeing Company, and Mr. Junichi Maezawa of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Continued expansion of IFSEC activities reflects the increasing scope and depth of US-Japan cooperation in defense programs. IFSEC members recently updated recommendations first prepared in 1997 on measures needed to facilitate industry collaboration. These recommendations -- on promoting an expanded industry dialogue, more flexible export control policies, and protection of intellectual property rights -- were the subject of a 'Government-Industry Dialogue' meeting held in Tokyo on October 15, 2003. Senior defense acquisition officials in both governments confirmed their support for further IFSEC activities at the April 23, 2004 meeting of the US-Japan Systems and Technology Forum.

In addition to further dialogue with government counterparts on its recommendations for closer industry cooperation, IFSEC members are now considering ways to encourage greater industry-industry contact on defense acquisition matters of common interest to the U.S. and Japan.

Points of Contact for IFSEC matters:

Frank Cevasco, Cevasco International, LLC (
Gregg Rubinstein, GAR Associates

Junichi Nishiyama, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (
Takashi Inoue, Nippon Keidanren (


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