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 Integrated Program Management 

Integrated Program Management Division 


The Integrated Program Management Division (IPMD), formerly the Program Management Systems Committee (PMSC), is the primary forum for building strong Industry and Government working relationships to promote integrated program management using Earned Value Management (EVM). This includes related program management processes as well as broadening the focus and membership of the IPMD through its continuing outreach initiatives and forums. The IPMD is actively working to foster mutual understanding and the effective development, implementation, and use of Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS) as defined in the ANSI/EIA Standard for Earned Value Management Systems (ANSI/EIA-748), which it authored and updates periodically. The IPMD works with the DOD and other Federal agencies on improvement initiatives for the mutual benefit of the Government and the Industrial base to understand and adapt to changes in the Government procurement environment.

Broad Objectives:

  • Serve as an effective vehicle for the exchange of views and information between Government and Industry regarding matters of common concern that involve integrated program management processes including earned value management.

  • Foster mutual understanding and effective working relationships between Government and Industry regarding the development, documentation and maintenance of effective integrated program management processes.

  • Participate with International counterparts, as opportunities permit, to jointly move toward common EVMS standards (including ANSI/EIA-748) to the extent practical.

  • Provide Government with Industry perspectives on government policies, practices, needs and problems within the IPMD’s purview, conducting such special studies as may be required.

  • Safeguard the interests of NDIA by carrying out the policies, aims and purposes, as laid down in the charter of the IPMD, as well as the NDIA By-Laws.

IPMD Charter Bylaws, February 2014

Action Plan, Revision February 2013

Strategic Plan, Revision May 2013

Division Links

  • Performance Assessments and Root Cause Analyses (PARCA), a Directorate of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition. As the central office for major defense authorization performance assessment, root cause analysis, and earned value management (EVM), PARCA issues policies, procedures, and guidance governing the conduct of such work by the Military Departments and the Defense Agencies.

  • Energy Facility Contractor Group (EFCOG). One of EFCOG’s 13 Working Groups is the Project Management Working Group (PMWG) with a sub-group that focuses on Earned Value Management Systems.  Similar to the NDIA IPMD’s working relationship with the DoD (PARCA and DCMA), the PMWG is actively working to address and resolve earned value management related issues as well as to establish best practices with the DOE Office of Acquisition and Project Management (OAPM).

  • A copy of the ANSI/EIA 748 Standard for EVMS can be purchased from the ANSI online store at The current version is Version C, published March 2013. Purchase a single copy for personal use or purchase a subscription for an organization.

  • Defense Acquisition University (DAU) Acquisition Community Connection. Knowledge sharing portal for a variety of topics for the acquisition community including earned value management, program management, risk management, and more.

  • Defense Acquisition Policy Center. Source for the latest edition of the DoD Directive 5000.01, DoD Instruction 5000.02, and the Defense Acquisition Guidebook.

  • Defense Cost and Resource Center (DCARC) EVM Central Repository. Provides more information about the OSD Central Repository (CR) and data submittal requirements. Data exchange instructions for the UN/CEFACT XML schemas can be found here.

  • DCMA Instructions and Guidebooks. Look for topics listed for Earned Value Management System.

  • Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-11, Preparation, Submission and Execution of the Budget. See Part 7, Planning, Budgeting, Acquisition, and Management of Capital Assets as well as the supplement to Part 7, the Capitol Programming Guide, for more information about the federal government requirements related to EVM.

  • Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). See Part 34, Major System Acquisition, for requirements related to EVM.


Chair and Vice Chair

Chair: Carol Boser, Lockheed Martin, +1 (408) 756-5215,

Vice Chair: Daniel L. Lynch, + 1 (520) 794-3413, Raytheon,

Board Members

Wayne Abba, Abba Consulting,
Neil Albert, MCR,
Bill Altman, Battelle,
Steve Barnoske, Lockheed Martin,  
Dan Butler (Past Chair), Raytheon,
Kathy Dailey, General Dynamics Information Technology,
Buddy Everage, MCR,
Dale Gillam, SAIC,
Kim Herrington, Bell Helicopter, 
Gary Humphreys (Past Chair), Humphreys and Associates,
Joe Kusick (Past Chair), Raytheon,
Yancy Qualls, Bell Helicopter,
Randy Steeno, Boeing,
Sung Soon Stultz, Rockwell Collins,
Tracie Thompson (Past Chair)
Joan Ugljesa, NVG,
Pete Wynne (Past Chair), Lockheed Martin,


Jennifer Sprinkel, CMP, CGMP at


Affiliate Associations

The Association for Enterprise Information    National Training and Simulation Association    Precision Strike Association    Women in Defense