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 Working Groups and Other Activities 

Working Groups and Other Activities

The NDIA IPMD working groups are formed and disbanded as needed to proactively address current issues related to integrated program management. These working groups include representatives from industry and government to ensure various stakeholder interests are considered. The working groups are an excellent way to get involved with the IPMD activities, find out what other companies are doing related to integrated program management and EVM, and provide an opportunity to contribute to the EVM community - you can make a difference. Our leadership position in industry reflects our membership's commitment and dedication to continually enhance and promote the use of integrated program management and EVM. Most working groups conduct their activities via telecom or web meetings with occasional meetings that usually coincide with the quarterly committee meetings. For more information, contact the Working Group Leads.

  • Agile
    Working Group Leads: Kathy Dailey, GD IT, and Annmarie Oien, Lockheed Martin,

    This joint industry and government working group focuses on the application of EVMS in an agile development environment.  The working group provides a forum to exchange views and information as well as provide guidance and direction for projects that have adopted the agile development methodology

  • Civilian Agency Industry Working Group (CAIWG)
    Working Group Co-chairs: Jerry Jones, FAA, and Neil Albert, MCR, 

    This joint industry and federal government agency working group provides a forum for the open exchange of government and industry views on performance based management systems including Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS). Information about the working group objectives, points of contact, and documents can be found here:

  • Clearinghouse
    Working Group Leads: Gary Humphreys, Humphreys & Associates, and Joe Kusick, Raytheon,

    This working group provides a forum for industry’s EVMS practitioners to raise and discuss EVMS or related issues. The goal is to identify common issues, gather facts and supporting data, formulate industry positions, and develop recommendations for issue resolution. This working group handles the process steps necessary to capture the facts and data and to develop mutually acceptable resolutions along with specific recommendations that can be presented to the IPMD board for further action.

    Working Group Documents:

  • Contracts
    Working Group Leads: Lisa Wolf, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Jean Lohier, ATT,

    The focus of this working group is to improve the alignment between contract management and integrated program management practitioners, with an emphasis on EVM and project scheduling practices as well as interpretation of requirements as it relates to the contractual application of an EVMS.  One of the goals of the working group is to establish a formal channel of communication and collaboration between the NDIA IPMD and the National Contract Management Association (NCMA).  Another goal is to develop a set of collaboratively produced educational materials and to provide training at various venues.

  • CSDR
    Working Group Leads: Randy Steeno, Boeing, and Jim Taylor, Raytheon,

    The purpose of the Cost and Software Data Reporting (CSDR) working group is to establish a formal channel of communication between the NDIA IPMD and the DoD Cost Assessment & Program Evaluation (CAPE)/Defense Cost and Resource Center (DCARC), with an emphasis on the pending changes to the cost reporting (Contractor Cost Data Reports or CCDRs) Data Item Descriptions (DIDs).  The goal is to keep the NDIA IPMD members current on the changing environment and reporting requirements coming from CAPE as well as to provide industry comments on draft DIDs coming from CAPE.  The working group will also assess the need for any additional IPMD guides regarding CSDRs.

  • NDIA IPMD Guides
    Working Group Leads: Dan Butler, Raytheon, and Joan Ugljesa, NVG,

    This working group is responsible for maintaining the complementary documents to the EIA-748 Standard. This includes the Intent Guide, System Acceptance Guide, Systems Application Guide, Guide to the IBR, and Surveillance Guide. 

  • Planning and Scheduling
    Working Group Leads: Carla Gilhuys, Northrop Grumman, and Yancy Qualls, Humphreys & Associates,

    This working group is a collaborative environment for industry and government agencies to exchange views and information to promote common understanding as well as provide guidance and direction related to planning and scheduling (P&S) processes including earned value management.

  • Prime/Sub Contract Management Working Group
    Working Group Lead: Caroline Cremisi, Raytheon, 

    The objective of this working group is to address the needs and challenges of prime contractors and subcontractors within the DoD Industry.  This working group will address contractual and execution performance issues with an emphasis on integration and flow down that may exist at the prime and subcontractor level.

  • Program Management
    Working Group Leads: Gerry Becker, Harris, and Vaughn Schlegel, Lockheed Martin,

    The mission of this working group is to broaden the focus and membership of the IPMD to influence acquisition policy and share best practices among program management professionals in areas in addition to earned value management. With Industry and Government participants, this will be accomplished by: 1) update, as appropriate, IPMD charter and objectives to reflect broader focus; 2) recommend the formation of additional IPMD working groups to address a range of topics essential to successful program execution; 3) increase program manager participation in IPMD by broadening meeting topics appropriately; and 4) develop program management guides/white papers as appropriate. 

Special Interest Topics

Special interest topics are also addressed at the quarterly meetings as various committee members are involved in other activities of interest to the IPMD community. Current topics include:

  • Data Integrity, OSD Central Repository
    The intent is to ensure the committee continues to interact with the people responsible for OSD's Central Repository (CR) for Contract Performance Reports (CPRs), Contract Funds Status Reports (CFSRs), and Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) data. This includes the latest data validation checks the CR is performing, common data quality issues that surface, and the formats used to post data to the CR including ANSI X12 and UN/CEFACT XML schema files.

  • NDIA Industrial Committee for Program Management (ICPM)
    This is a forum for senior executives of NDIA corporate member companies and senior DoD acquisition officials to meet periodically to review and discuss issues of common interest and concern. Topics for discussion include program and acquisition management policies, procedures, best practices, and issues which impact military systems development, procurement, and use. More information is available on the NDIA ICPM web site.

Affiliate Associations

The Association for Enterprise Information    National Training and Simulation Association    Precision Strike Association    Women in Defense