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 Homeland Security 

Homeland Security Division 

Homeland Security Division

Mission & Purpose

  • To provide legal and ethical forums for the exchange of information, ideas and recommendations between industry and government on homeland security issues
  • To promote a vigorous, robust and collaborative government-industry homeland security team
  • To advocate for best-in-class, high technology equipment, systems, training and support for America's first responder community


The Homeland Security Division incorporates the six critical mission areas identified in the National Strategy for Homeland Security: Intelligence and Warning, Border and Transportation Security, Domestic Counterterrorism, Protecting Critical Infrastructure and Key Assets, Defending Against Catastrophic Threats, and Emergency Preparedness.

The Homeland Security Division focuses on the protection and security of the assets, information, facilities, and resources of the government, military, and private sector organizations which comprise the technological, military, and industrial infrastructure of the United States. We provide input and advice to a wide range of agencies and departments of Federal, state, and local governments, and to commercial, industrial, and academic institutions.


  • Security and protection philosophies, concepts, practices and procedures;
  • Current and emerging technologies, and technology transfer;
  • Assessments and analyses of threats, vulnerabilities and risk;
  • Development of countermeasures and products;
  • System design and development methodologies;
  • System implementation considerations and evaluations;
  • Policy and regulatory issues;
  • Education, training and awareness;
  • Standardization, education and certifications;
  • Risk management processes in the changing threat environment.

Activities to Accomplish Mission

  • Provide periodic forums such as breakfasts, meetings, working groups, and symposia for open, constructive dialogue and networking between industry and government;
  • Educate members and others interested in homeland security issues through special projects, meetings and seminars;
  • Establish and maintain lines of communication with agencies and departments of federal, state and local government on homeland security issues of interest to industry;
  • Prepare studies, reports, assessments and analyses on key homeland security issues; 
  • Cooperate and collaborates with other associations, organizations and NDIA divisions to facilitate the effectiveness of activities undertaken.


Mr. Gregory A. Davis
Executive Vice President
Hazmed, Inc.
Washington Square
1050 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20036 - 5308
Tel:  (301) 577-9339
FAX: (301) 577-9616

For more information on this division, please contact:

Loey Bleich
Meeting Planner

CAPT Bruce Roulstone, USN (Ret.)
Assistant Vice President, Operations


Affiliate Associations

The Association for Enterprise Information    National Training and Simulation Association    Precision Strike Association    Women in Defense