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 Health Affairs 

Health Affairs Division 

Health Affairs Division


To provide a vehicle for the exchange of views and information among government, industry, and the public with regard to health care technology, consulting, and training and matters of common concern in the health care field. The division provides government with industry perspectives relating to health care policies, regulations, procedures, and best practices for the purpose of improving efficiency in these areas.

For more than a year, the Division has included a significant focus on Homeland Security and has spearheaded an NDIA effort to collaborate on this issue with other NDIA Divisions with similar interests.


The Health Affairs Division, established in 1996, maintains its focus on areas relating to policymaking, planning, programming, and regulation of health care technology. The division also considers the related areas of research and development, technology modeling and simulation, procurement, military medicine, software, and heath care providers.

The Division meets at a different member's facility, every six weeks, where members interact with high-level government officials from across the spectrum of health care. These officials include the assistant secretary of defense for health affairs, the executive director for defense medical information, the Navy CIO, the executive director of the DoD telemedicine office, the director of Veterans Affairs, and the services' surgeons general.

The Health Affairs Division recently partnered with the Chemical and Biological Defense Division and the C4ISR Division to sponsor a two-day Homeland Security Collaboration Workshop. Two scenarios were developed to stimulate workshop discussions – one positing a Bio-Terrorism incident and the other an attack on Critical Infrastructure. Participants were pre-assigned to one of six workshops based on their expertise. Workshops were further balanced by populating them with people from each of the three sponsoring divisions. The product was designed to address issues of the collaboration process, rather than elements of specific solutions, technologies, or equipment.

The Division considers areas such as: Research and Development, Technology, Modeling and Simulation, Procurement, Military Medicine, Software, Health Care Providers, and Health issues.

Division Leadership

Mark P. Lay
Noblis, Inc.
3150 Fairview Park Dr South
Falls Church, VA 22042-4519

Vice Chair
Ms. Amy Strouse
Sr. Associate
The Avascent Group
1225 I St NW Suite 400
Washington, DC 20005-5958



For more information on this division, please contact:

CAPT Bruce Roulstone, USN (Ret.)
Assistant Vice President, Operations


Affiliate Associations

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