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 The Chinn Award 


The Chinn Award

The Chinn Award is presented annually to honor a government or industry individual who, in the opinion of the Small Arms Committee Executive Board, has made significant contributions to the field of small arms and/or infantry weapons systems. A significant contribution is considered to be a creative invention, new design or innovative concept in small arms weapons, ammunition or ancillary equipment that provides an advancement in the state-of-the art or capability enhancement that clearly benefits the warfighting or general military capability of the U.S. The Chinn Award may also be conferred as recognition to an individual who has performed sustained superior service in a career field of science, engineering, test and evaluation, manufacturing program management, academic study and research, publishing or maintenance relating to military small arms or infantry weapons.

The Chinn Award is named in honor of LtCol George M. Chinn, USMC, a career Marine who dedicated his life to the study, development and refinement of machine gun mechanisms. LtCol Chinn is remembered for his work as a gun designer and for having compiled a five volume reference work entitled, “The Machine Gun.”

Chinn Award Winners:

1988 Thomas E. Cosgrove
1989 James Ackley
1990 John S. Wood, Jr.
1991 Roderic A. Spies
1992 not awarded
1993 Edward C. Ezell
1994 Richard E. Brown
1995 Joseph Unterkofler
1996 C. Reed Knight, Jr.
1997 Robert A. Trifiletti
1998 George E. Kontis
1999 Vernon E. Shisler
2000 Salvatore A. Fanelli
2001 L. James Sullivan
2002 Ernst Mauch
2003 Phil Baker and Georges Chauveheid
2004 Ronnie Barrett
2005 Rich Audette
2006 Richard Swan
2007 Bill Dittrich
2008 Troy Smith
2009 Joel Goldman
2010 Frank P. Puzycki
2011 Charles Buxton
2012 Dan Haywood
2013 Rudy Nedelka
2014 George Niewenhous
2015 Jim Schatz
2016 Phil "Doc" Dater


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