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 Unconventional Emerging Technology Armament Systems Committee 



The Unconventional Emerging Technology Armament Systems Committee technology focus areas include (but not limited to) electromagnetics, lasers, high-power microwave, nonlethal counter-personnel and counter-material, hypersonic, sensor defeat (including spectrum denial), and other emerging armament technologies. This committee addresses matters of enabling technologies, integration, analysis and simulation, training, mission application, operational considerations and safety across the technology focus areas. Unconventional Emerging Technology Armament Systems Committee scope shall include technologies, systems, capabilities, and applications that encompass a wide range of alternative combat effects and target defeat technologies across the full spectrum from non-lethal to full lethality and scalable effects against personnel, structures and equipment which are not a primary consideration by either the Small Arms System Committee or the Guns, Ammunition, Rockets & Missiles Committee.  The scope of this committee includes new/advanced/emerging armament technologies which are currently concept level, in early exploratory development or early prototype phase, or are mature technologies that do not otherwise fall into the purview of the Small Arms System or Gun and Missile System committee. Armament Division Transition of Armament Type from Unconventional Emerging Technology Armament Systems to Small Arms and/or Guns, Ammunition, Rockets & Missiles shall be by agreement of the Committees.  


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