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 Stability, Security, Transition & Reconstruction (SSTR) 

Stability, Security, Transition & Reconstruction (SSTR) 


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The mission of the SSTR Division is to provide a forum for the enhancement of interagency and industry coordination and collaboration from a security/defense vantage; to generate and advocate initiatives for the SSTR in pre-crisis/post-crisis situations and in persistent conflict or among “Failing/Failed” states; to provide synthesis and incubation of processes for pre-crisis, crisis and post-crisis planning, response, and lessons learned; and to provide a resource information center for public-private Partnerships.


The Division will focus on incorporating those activities aligned with interagency support to host nations.  It is all of the elements of “Whole of Government” when the U.S. government is not the aggressor, but rather the supporter of the host nation or developing or Failing/Failed state.  It includes disaster relief, humanitarian support, pre and post-crisis support, and expanding security and democracy.

Activities to Accomplish Mission

  • Provide periodic forums such as breakfasts, meetings, working groups, and symposia for open, constructive dialogue and networking between industry and government
  • Educate members and others interested in SSTR issues through special projects, meetings, and seminars
  • Establish and maintain lines of communication with agencies and departments of federal, state, and local government on SSTR issues of interest to industry
  • Prepare studies, reports, assessments, and analysis on key SSTR issues
  • Cooperate and collaborate with other associates, organizations, and NDIA divisions to facilitate the effectiveness of activities undertaken.

Upcoming Events

Stability, Security, Transition & Reconstruction Operations (SSTRO) Conference
“Navigating Uncertainty, Managing Change: Mission Success in the Face of Operational and Fiscal Challenges”
June 18, 2014
Waterford at Springfield, Springfield, VA


Mr. Walt Sasser
Phone: (571) 221-1669

Mr. Lewis Rasmussen
Senior Associate
Tetra Tech
1611 N Kent St., Ste. 700
Arlington, VA 22209-2114
Phone: (703) 807-5700

Mrs. Christy J. Mason, CMP
Director, Operations
Phone: (703) 247-2586

Mrs. Meredith Hawley, CMP
Associate Director, Operations
Phone: (703) 247-9476



Affiliate Associations

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