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Procurement Division 


A revised version (Dec. 2015) of A Study of the Applicability of Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Clauses to Subcontracts Under Prime Defense and NASA Contracts is now available. Find more information in the "Studies" section below, or Download Order Form.  


Procurement Division

A key component of NDIA's Government Policy team is the Procurement Division (PD). The Division monitors and advances sound and practicable procurement/acquisition policies and procedures on all matters affecting government/industry business relationships relating to the procurement/acquisition process. This allows government to obtain needed supplies and services at an equitable and reasonable price with the least possible disruption of industrial practices. The PD maintains a close working relationship with appropriate government and industry agencies and conducts special studies to provide government with industry perspectives on policies, practices, needs, and problems. It also offers members opportunities to sit on industry/government committees. The division also engages in the preparation and filing of amicus curiae briefs before the appeals courts and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Division Charter

The Procurement Division is comprised of five (5) committees:

  • Procurement Executive Committee (PEC)
  • Contract and Acquisition Management Committee (CAM)
  • Contract Finance Committee (CF)
  • Legal Committee
  • Government Property
  • Industrial Security Committee (ISC)

For full descriptions of each Committee, please visit Committees & Leadership.

To become more involved in the Procurement Division or any of the Committees, please contact Mr. James Thomas, Assistant Vice President for Policy, at or (703) 247-2598. 

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        Meetings & Events and Papers & Alerts
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Areas of Interest

  • Acquisition Reform
  • Executive Compensation
  • Past Performance
  • Restructuring Costs
  • EDI
  • Alternative Disputes Resolution
  • Bid Protests
  • Integrating Commercial and Military Technologies
  • FAR Rewrite
  • Government Competition with Industry
  • Financial Health of the Defense Industry
  • Maintaining the National Industrial Base
  • Commercial Products Acquisition
  • Environmental Cost Issues
  • Technology Transfer
  • National Industrial Security Program
  • Debarment & Suspension
  • Recoupment of Nonrecurring Costs
  • Anti-trust Policies
  • Mentor-Protégé Programs
  • Contractor Self-Governance
  • Technical Data Rights
  • Cost Accounting Standards Board
  • Progress Payments
  • Enhancing Small Business Opportunities

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Available for Purchase

A Study of the Applicability of FAR Clauses to Subcontracts Under Prime Defense and NASA Contracts (Revised December 2015)

The National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) has available for purchase a revision to the publication “A Study of the Applicability of FAR Clauses to Subcontracts Under Prime Defense and NASA Contracts.” This current edition, dated December 16, 2015, includes an analysis of the flow down requirements contained in the FAR, DFARS, and NFS as noted below:

  • Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) March 2005 edition as amended through Federal Acquisition Circular (FAC) 2005-85 (12/04/2015)
  • Department of Defense FAR Supplement (DFARS) as amended through Publication Notice 20151130 (11/30/2015)
  • NASA FAR Supplement (NFS) as amended through Procurement Notice 15-11 (12/16/2015)

Each section noted above includes a Table of Contents by citation and alphabetically by title, and an analysis of all clauses.

Cost (including postage) for NDIA member companies is $75.00; for non-member companies, $90.00. Prepayment is required.

Download order form 

Order Forms/Questions should be directed to the Association Service Center at or via phone at (703) 522-1820. Customers may also fax Order Forms to (703) 522-1885.

Book Reviews

My Sixty Years as a Public Contract Lawyer: The Enriching Life of George Martin Coburn (1923-2011)

By George M. Coburn
Self-Published, Available through

An autobiography has been written by a long-time member of the NSIA/NDIA family, George M. (Tim) Coburn. Many of us know Tim from his years of service as vice-chair and chair of the Legal Subcommittee of the Procurement Planning Committee (PPC), and as a member of the PPC. Tim was the 2001 recipient of the prestigious NDIA Howard H. Cork award given in recognition of Tim's selfless service to the NDIA's PPC activites and objectives. Others of us know Tim through a wide variety of other professional and personal avenues. Indeed, as the subtitle of his book projects, Tim has lived an amazingly rich life of nearly unparalleled professional and personal experiences.

Tim's book is teaming with anecdotes that trace the genesis of the practice of Government contract law as a profession and its evolution into one of the premier legal disciplines in Washington, D.C. 

Click Full Book Review to read the full review by Stu Nibley*

*Stu Nibley is a member of the NDIA Procurement Planning Committee and a former Chair of the Legal Subcommittee.

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Meetings & Events and Papers & Alerts


October 11-12, 2016
Procurement Division Committee Meetings and Luncheon, Washington, DC 

Papers & Alerts

Bending the Cost Curve Overview: January, 13, 2015

National Defense Authorization Act

8PC2 - January 9-10, 2008 Washington, DC - Important Reading: National Defense Authorization Act FY08 Title VIII (PDF)

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Related Procurement Web Sites

Acquisition Reform

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John Russell
Corporate Director, Division Counsel
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Aerospace Systems
(321) 951-6424 

Vice Chair

Mr. Paul E. Pompeo, Esq.
Partner, Government Contracts
Arnold & Porter, LLP
(202) 942-5723


James Thomas
Assistant Vice President for Policy
(703) 247-2598

Christy J. Mason
Director, Operations
(703) 247-2586


Affiliate Associations

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