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 Missile Defense 

Missile Defense 

Missile Defense Division


To establish and foster a close working relationship members of the U.S. industry, academia, and government, whose responsibilities relate to the missile defense needs of the United States.

The Missile Defense Division seeks to promote and sustain the educational goals and objectives of the NDIA through its chartered objectives. It provides government with an industry view on government policies, practices, needs, and problems pertaining to missile defense that are within the committee's purview. It works to foster mutual understanding and effective working relationships between the DoD, military departments, and industry to facilitate identifying and resolving missile defense issues and matters of common interest to both government and industry. Finally, it provides a means for dialogue on all missile defense matters relating to the planning, programming, acquisition, deployment, and prospective legislation that can affect the acquisition and readiness of our nation's missile defense programs.

The division is organized into four distinct activity areas.

The division sponsors the Congressional Missile Defense Speaker Series in collaboration with the National Defense University Foundation. This continuing program brings together members of Congress, senior government officials, and Industry and academic leaders to discuss a wide range of issues including emerging and current threats to U.S. and regional security; status of ballistic missile defense programs, and the role of missile defense in overall U.S. defense strategy and policy.

The executive committee holds monthly meetings in which senior officials, including the MDA leadership, offer presentations discussions on current topics.

The division also maintains active committees to manage planning for its annual awards dinner and to develop and/or respond to missile defense issues of national interest.

The Missile Defense Industry (MDI) Group provides a bi-weekly exchange of information between government representatives, NDIA corporate members, paid MDI Group consultants, and others who can assist in maintaining a high level of awareness in the planning, budgeting, and execution of major U.S. missile defense programs. Active membership to the MDI Group is by annual subscription to offset consultant fees.

Proceedings from Missile Defense Meetings

Download/Print/View proceddings from the 6th Annual Integrated Air and Missile Defense Symposium

MDA Organizational Chart (Updated 8/2012): Download/Print/View


Mr. Jeffery Morrow
Director, Strategic Missile & Defense Systems
The Boeing Company
929 Long Bridge Dr.
Arlington, VA 22202-4208
Office: 703.465.3235
Executive Committee
  • David Caldwell, Vice Chair; Aerojet
  • Eugene Stockel, Lockheed Martin
  • Stella Colucci, Allied Associates International
  • Joseph Connell, Ex-Officio Chairman, ATK
  • Jeff Morrow, The Boeing Company
  • Ken Collins, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Frank Cevasco, Cevasco LLC
  • Mauro Farinelli, Cobham
  • Harry Rosen, CSC
  • Dan Thompson, General Dynamics
  • David Bagnati, MDA Chief of Staff
  • Bruce Roulstone, NDIA
  • Jose Boluda, Northrop Grumman
  • John Carter, Orbital
  • Tom Johnson, Paradigm Technologies, Ex-Officio Chairman 
  • Jeff McKeel, Raytheon
  • John Ratts, SAIC
  • Joe Genovese, Teledyne Brown
  • Jim Offutt, Vanguard
  • Barry Breindel, Consultant  


For more information on this division, please contact:

Loey Bleich
Meeting Planner

CAPT Bruce Roulstone, USN (Ret.)
Assistant Vice President, Operations


Affiliate Associations

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