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 Legislative Information 

Legislative Information Division 


The Legislative Information Division (LID) identifies items of legislative information in the areas of interest to the NDIA membership, and monitors defense-related legislation and policy, thereby selecting major interest areas for highlighting to the NDIA leadership. LID also works with individual staff members of congressional committees who seek information and opinions falling within NDIA's province. The division contributes to the successful execution of the policy approved by the Executive Committee, which permits NDIA to take positions on broad policy issues and legislative matters of interest and concern to Association members.

The primary substantive approach to legislative activity on the part of the Association is through written comments and testimony before the relevant committees of Congress. When requested, testimony is presented to committees of Congress and NDIA issue papers are furnished to individual members of Congress and their professional staffs.

The work of the Legislative Information Division is critical to maintaining and improving the government/industry relationship in the future.

Together we can ensure the continued existence of a viable, internationally competitive national technology and industrial base and strengthen the government-industry partnership through dialogue by providing interaction between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches.

If you wish to participate in the LID and do not already receive e-mail notifications, please contact: James Thomas at

Executive National Security Forum

The purpose of the "Executive National Security Forum" is to bring together current and former leaders from the Executive Branch, Congress, industry, and academia to discuss and offer solutions to our nation's foremost national security challenges. Through a series of panel and keynote conversations, the Forum will provide balanced, yet provoking, discussions on a range of issues impacting defense industry, national security, and foreign policy.

The Forum will also provide members of Congress and staff, senior Department of Defense representatives, defense industry executives and outside defense experts to participate in roundtable discussions about the current status of the defense industry, proposed legislation, regulations and policies.

The Executive National Security Forum events appear on the NDIA Calendar of Events, and online registration in advance of the meeting is encouraged due to space limitations. 

Upcoming Events

July 28, 2016
Cyber Security: Implications for the Defense Industry

September 2016
Foreign Investment: Protecting the Defense Industrial Base in a Globalized World

November 2016
Post Election Analysis: Leading Defense Issues for the New Administration

Past Events

April 20, 2016
Defense Acquisition Reform: Ensuring Technological Superiority for the 21st Century

February 24, 2016
Service Budget Directors FY 2017 Budget Briefings

Who can attend?
Executive National Security Forum events are open to the public. 

How do I register?
If you wish to participate in the Executive National Security Forum events and do not already receive e-mail notifications, please contact: James Thomas at or (703) 247-2598. If you already receive the email notifications and would like to attend an upcoming event, register online by going to the NDIA Schedule of Events.

Are members of the press allowed to attend?
The Executive National Security Forum Events are open to the press. If you are a member of the press and would like more information on an event, please contact Ashley Saunders at or (703) 247-2579.  

NDIA Professional Staff

James Thomas
Director, Legislative Policy


 April 20th Forum on "Defense Acquisition Reform: Ensuring Technological Superiority for the 21st Century"


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