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 Environment and Energy Security 

Environment and Energy Security Division 



To advocate the development and application of cutting-edge technology, enlightened stewardship, superior programs and best-in-class systems and support toward the achievement of environmental excellence and the long term security of our Nation’s energy supplies.  The division will accomplish this mission by providing a forum for the open exchange of information related to environment and energy policies, issues and practices between government and industry.  The division provides collective industry viewpoints, suggestions, ideas and advice to government agencies and offices through a program of symposia, conferences, exhibitions, studies, white papers and other mediums.  

Environmental Committee Focus Areas:

  • Commercial environmental activities and their potential impact on, and relationship to, government interests in the environment.
  • Policies, regulations, specifications, standards, acquisition procedures, and problems relative to environmental research technology, systems, or  equipment and services.
  • Environmental acquisition processes with recommendations for modifications to be made to the government agencies. 
  • Techniques for providing incentive for effective training, operations, cost reduction, and quality on environmental systems and/or services.

Energy Security Committee Focus Areas:

  • Exploration, research and development of promising alternative fuel, power sources and technologies that will reduce our Nation’s dependency on foreign energy sources and fossil fuels.
  • Promoting public, industry and government awareness of good energy, environmental and conservation practices.
  • Identification of public policy initiatives that will contribute to the development and sustainment of an affordable, uninterrupted supply of power
    and fuels in pursuit of national  security objectives.  

2013 NDIA Top Issue: Address Energy Security Challenges

  • Invest in Energy Solutions
  • Maintain DoD's Operational Energy Strategy
  • Utilize Nuclear Power Technology
  • Develop a Domestic Industrial Capacity to Supply Biofuel

Download/Print/View the 2013 NDIA Top Issues to read Issue #3 in detail and review NDIA's recommendations for the items above.

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Michael A. Aimone
Vice President, Strategy Development
(703) 416-8170

Environment Committee Chair
Michael B. Berger
Booz Allen Hamilton

Energy Security Committee Chair

Sustainability Committee Chair
E. Rebecca Patton, PMP
Climate Change Adaptation Policy Program Manager

Chair Emeritus
Dr. Vincent J. Ciccone, P.E.
President & CEO
RASco, Inc.

NDIA Contact
Mrs. Britt Sullivan, CMP
Director, Operations
Phone: (703) 247-2587


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