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 Combat Survivability 

Combat Survivability Division 

Combat Survivability Division



To enhance survivability as an essential element of overall combat mission effectiveness.  This involves promoting communications and the exchange of survivability technical information between individuals and organizations that develop requirements for, design, build and tactically employ military weapon systems.  The Division's program covers all aspects of susceptibility reduction (probability of hit), vulnerability reduction (consequences of hit), and the overall survivability discipline, including countermeasures, signature reduction, tactics and training, camouflage, concealment and deception, as well as damage resistance, damage tolerance and combat damage repair.  An additional focus is the transfer of information and technology between the military survivability and civil aviation communities to further flight safety and to mitigate the effects of terrorist acts.


  • Foster greater understanding of combat survivability and flight safety issues by government and industry program managers as well as by those senior government officials who specify operational and safety requirements.
  • Encourage a cost effective and balanced approach to the design and development of survivable weapon systems and promote credible trade studies and integrated survivability assessments.
  • Bring crucial survivability issues directly to the attention of senior leadership in the Department of Defense, industry, and the Congress, when appropriate.
  • Improve communications and cooperation between the Electronic Warfare and general Survivability Communities to a point where they are viewed as one.
  • Promote development of the combat survivability discipline as a key component of the systems engineering process.
  • Support the development and acquisition of simulations and test facilities used to verify the survivability of weapon systems.
  • Encourage acquisition of combat-repairable weapon systems and development of a combat damage repair capability in the Military Services.
  • Foster education and provide educational opportunities for those in government, industry, and academia who need to understand and employ the techniques, technologies, and information related to combat survivability.

Upcoming Events

"Aircraft High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) Survivability" Workshop
May 21, 2014
Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA), Alexandria, VA

The purpose of the Workshop is to bring DoD and DoD industry partners together to provide insight and expertise on the nature of HEMP threats with regard to aircraft and the requirements for aircraft to ensure their survivability. Specifically, to determine the problems/issues posed by pertinent current and future threats, examine the appropriate response/protection against these threats, identify the key players/organizations in this field, and ultimately formulate a plan for the way forward. We will also explore advantages of better integrating combat survivability and safety communities to achieve this goal. At the end of the Workshop, NDIA will write a position paper that summarizes the Workshop proceedings and recommends actions for implementing improved aircraft nuclear survivability.

Download/Print/View a tentative agenda
Download/Print/View clearance submittal instructions and visitor information*
*Note: In addition to submitting your clearance, please send an e-mail to (include your full name, organization, citizenship, and last 4 of your SSN) to confirm that you will be attending.

Aircraft Survivability Technical Forum 2014
Classified, Secret/U.S. Only

"Air Combat Survivability Across the Spectrum of Contested Airspace"
November 12-14, 2014
Johns Hopkins University APL Kossiakoff Center, Laurel, MD


Division awards are presented each year at the annual Aircraft Survivability Symposium.  Please contact Mr. Jack Rau, Division Awards Chairman, for additional information:

Recent Activities

August 2009 Workshop 
Download/Print/View the Aircraft Combat Damage Reporting Workshop Summary Report


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