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 Legislative Alerts 

Legislative Alerts

Legislative alerts are the way that Lt. General Lawrence Farrell, NDIA's President and CEO, keeps our members apprised of important events on the hill and also events in the Executive Branch that are substantially impacted or directed by Congress. Each legislative alert is sent to a membership group of interest and then posted here for all members to access at their convenience. The prevalence of legislative alerts fluctuates based on the pace of events here in Washington on an as-needed basis.

NDIA Chairman Arnold Punaro and President and CEO Craig McKinley Argue for Repeal of Defense and Non-Defense Sequester Cuts - 11 March 2015

NDIA Partnership with Reagan National Defense Forum - 4 August 2014

Interim response to HASC & SASC on acquisition reform - 18 July 2014

Update on NDIA's industrial base and acquisition reform initiatives - 9 May 2014

Update on two NDIA Initiatives: Industrial Base and Acquisition Reform - 8 April 2014

New NDIA Industrial Base Initiative Led by Brett Lambert - 13 January 2014 

Congress Passes Budget Deal, National Defense Authorization Act - 20 December 2013

House and Senate Introduce Budget Deal - 12 December 2013

House-Senate Introduce a New FY14 National Defense Authorization Act - 10 December 2013

NDIA Continues Push to Delay the Sequester - 26 November 2013

Briefing on Military Readiness - 13 November 2013

NDIA Member Letter - Push to End Sequestration - 5 November 2013

 With Shutdown Over, NDIA Asks to End Sequestration - 17 October 2013

 DCMA and DCAA Furloughs end Monday - 6 October 2013

 Two NDIA Letters in Response to the Ongoing Shutdown - 4 October 2013

Guidance for Government Contractors with Shutdown in Effect - 1 October 2013

 Government Shutdown Seems Likely to Occur - 30 September 2013

 Government Funding Update and Letter from Under Secretary Kendall - 27 Sept 2013

 Government Funding Debate and Possible Outcomes, and a Special Event - 26 Sept 2013

 Conflict Minerals Survey - 17 July 2013

 Small Business Administration Letter to NDIA re: Matchmaking - 15 July 2013

 Additional Information on DoD Sequestration Actions - 14 June 2013

 Department of Defense DD1414 Report - 12 June 2013

 President's FY 2014 Budget Resources Available - 12 April 2013

 US Industry Input Sought on Opportunities with Indian Industrial Base - 2 April 2013

 Secretary Kendall Reaches Out to NDIA Members on Sequestration - 3 March 2013

 Pentagon to Begin Slowing Payments to Contractors - 27 February 2013

 Conflict Mineral Restrictions and Defense Contracting - 11 February 2013

 Better Buying Power 2.0 Initiative Released - 16 November 2012

 NDIA Receives Response to WARN Act Letter - 2 October 2012

For questions regarding NDIA's Legislative Alerts, please contact:

Will Goodman
Director, National Security Issue Development and Legislative Policy
(703) 247-2595


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