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 Legislative and Federal Issues Update 


Legislative and Federal Issues Update

Brett Lambert HASC Testimony: Finding What Works - 24 June

NDIA 2014 Acquisition Reform Initiative - 12 May 2014

NDIA 2014 Industrial Base Initiative - 12 May 2014

NDIA review and recommendations - Personnel Security Reform - 5 May 2014

Cyber for Manufacturing White Paper - 5 May 2014

Letter from Armed Services Committees to NDIA Requesting Assistance with Acquisition Reform - 31 March 2014

Raising the Minimum Wage through Executive Order to $10.10 for Federal Contract Workers - 28 January 2014

FY14 Appropriations - NDIA Letter of Support - January 15, 2014

Cybersecurity Bill - NDIA Letter of Support - January 9, 2014

FAR Human Trafficking Comments - December 17, 2014

Defense Associations Letter to Congressional Leaders Supporting the NDAA - December 11, 2013

Defense Association Letter to Joint Chiefs of Staff - November 6, 2013

Defense Association Letter to Members of Congress - November 12, 2013

 New SBA Regulations Address Multiple Award Contracts - October 31, 2013

 NDIA Letter to Budget Conference Leaders - October 17, 2013

Contingency Plan Guidance for Continuation of Essential Operations in the Absence of Available Appropriations - September 2013

Statement by Secretary Chuck Hagel on the Pay Our Military Act 10.5.2013

Letter from Secretary Chuck Hagel 10.5.13

Guidance for Implementation of Pay Our Military Act 10.5.13

NDIA/AIA Letter to Secretary Chuck Hagel 10.3.13

NDIA Letter to Congress Regarding Shutdown 10.3.13

Under Secretary Kendall Letter to NDIA regarding Possible Government Shutdown 9.26.13

DCMA Letter to NDIA - CAR Policy Revision 9.5.13

2013 Navy Gold Coast Small Business Procurement Event

Industry Logistics Coalition Final Letter on Arsenals 30 July 2013

Small Business Administration Letter to NDIA Members

Performance of the Defense Acquisition System 2013 Annual Report

DoD FY13 Sequestration Report 6.13.2013

Department of Defense DD 1414 Base for Fiscal Year 2013 Reprograming Actions

Handouts and Bios from Legislative Information Division Breakfast Series
Featuring the Military Services Budget Directors
May 1, 2013

Army 2014 Budget Update
Major General Karen Dyson
Air Force 2014 Budget Update
Major General Edward L. Bolton, Jr.
Navy and Marine Corps 2014 Budget Update
Rear Admiral Joseph P. Mulloy
SES Ann-Cecile M. McDermott
*full budget presentation can be accessed here. 

BBP 2.0 Implementation Guidance for Acquisition Professionals
BBP 2 0 Implementation Directive (24 April 2013).pdf

FY2014 President's Budget Request Resource Center
DoD Budget Request FY14.pdf
Summary of Budget Request for Defense and Intelligence.pdf
DoD Budget Summary Tables 2014.pdf
FY 2014 Program Acquisition Costs by Weapon System.pdf
DHS Letter to Contractors re: Sequestration (March 05, 2013)
DHS Contractor Notification Letter--Mar 05).pdf

 Secretary Kendall Letter to CODSIA re: Defense Cooperation with India - March 28, 2013

DPAP Memo on Contract Business Analysis Repository (March 18, 2013)
DPAP Memo (Contract Business Analysis Repository--Mar 12).pdf

DoD Memo on Prohibition of Cost-Type Contracts (March 13, 2013)
DoD Memo (Prohibition on Using Cost Type Contracts--Mar 13).pdf

Final ARWG Package (March 13, 2013)
2013 ARWG Legislative Packet FINAL.pdf

Industry Logistics Coalition Writes Congress Proposing a Panel on Logistics (March 12, 2013)
ILC NDAA 14 Commission Proposal 4 Mar 2013.docx
ILC Draft report language on depot panel 4 March 2013 (2).docx

NDIA Letter on Class Deviation to Under Secretary Kendall (March 11, 2013)

NDIA President and CEO Receives Letter for Industry from Under Secretary Kendall (March 4, 2013)
Letter to NDIA President on Sequestration.pdfNDIA Correspondence with Defense Contract Management Agency Director Charlie Williams (March 1, 2013)
NDIA ltr DCMA HQ CAR Process Final.pdf
Response on CAR from DCMA.pdf NDIA Testimony on Maintenance Depots and Sequestration to the House Armed Services Committee, Subcommittee on Readiness (Feb. 28, 2013)
HASC Readiness Hearing Testimony P Steffes.pdf

President's Executive Order On Cybersecurity (Feb. 12, 2013)
ARWG Letter to GAO on Executive Compensation (Feb. 11, 2013)
ARWG GAO recommendations FINAL 2-11-13 (2).pdf

Dodd-Frank Act Sec. 1502 (Conflict Minerals) Resources
The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (GPO Website)
Dodd-Frank Sec 1502 Final Rule.pdf (from the Federal Register)

Better Buying Power 2.0 Resources
BBP Fact Sheet
Memorandum for Defense Acquisition Workforce Better Buying Power 2.0

Letter to Secretary Kendall from NDIA on Policies Limiting DoD Service Contract Labor Rates, Overhead Rates & Fee/Profit 

Response to WARN Act Implementation Letter - September 28, 2012

 Letter on WARN Act Implementation to Secretary Carter - September 18, 2012

OMB Sequestration Update Report to the President and Congress for Fiscal Year FY2013 - August 20, 2012

Slides from NDIA 28th Annual National Logistics Conference and Exhibition
Government Policy Department Presentation
March 27, 2012

NDIA Government Policy Logistics Conference Presentation

Slides from Legislative Information Division Breakfast
Featuring Service Budget Directors
February 29, 2012

Air Force 2013 Budget Update.pdf
Army 2013 Budget Update.pdf
Navy 2013 Budget Update.pdf
Marine Corps 2013 Budget Update.pdf

Summary of National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012.pdf

NDIA Government Policy Recent Presentations

Pete Steffes, Vice President Government Policy

October 2012

 SDMAC Presentation 1012 docx.pdf

August 2011

NDIA San Diego Chapter Navy Gold Coast Small Business Opportunity Conference, San Diego, CA
Gun and Missiles Systems Conference and Exhibition, Miami, FL 


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