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About the NDIA Policy Department

The National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) is the premier association representing all facets of the defense and technology industrial base and serving all military services. The mission of the Government Policy Department is to ensure the continued existence of a viable, competitive national technology and industrial base, strengthening the government-industry partnership through dialogue, and providing interaction between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. Government Policy entails three primary roles:

  • Advocacy (legislative, regulatory, and judicial)
  • Information/Education (Issue Briefs/Alerts, studies/analyses, hearing summaries, and symposia/seminars)
  • Interactive Communication/Dialogue (members network, homepage, and survey/reports).


Working together to ensure the continued existence of a viable, internationally competitive national technology and industrial base and strengthening the government-industry partnership through dialogue and interaction with the Congress and the Executive Branch.

Government Policy Organization

Government Policy operates through six primary units:

  1. Board of Directors Standing Committees
  2. Government Policy Advisory Division
  3. Legislative Information Division
  4. Procurement Division
  5. Integrated Program Management Division
  6. Multi-Association Coalitions

NDIA's Government Policy Department works to ensure a viable defense industrial base, adequate defense budget, acquisition reform, and promotion of business opportunities.

  • Procurement Division: NDIA's Procurement Division monitors and advances sound and practicable procurement/acquisition policies and procedures on all matters affecting government/industry business relationships relating to the procurement/acquisition process, allowing government to obtain needed supplies and services at an equitable and reasonable price with the least possible disruption of industrial practices. In achievement of this, the Procurement Division maintains close working relationships with government and industry agencies and conducts studies to provide government with industry perspectives on policies, practices, needs, and problems. The Division also serves member companies by providing information on developments related to the acquisition process.

  • Legislative Information Division : The Legislative Information Division (LID) identifies items of legislative information in the areas of interest to the NDIA membership, and monitors defense-related legislation and policy, thereby selecting major interest areas for highlighting to the NDIA leadership. LID also works with individual staff members of congressional committees who seek information and opinions falling within NDIA's province.

  • Government Policy Advisory Division (GPAD): GPAD is the policy integrating mechanism of the association comprising representatives of NDIA's national board of directors, other committee division chairs, as well as chapter presidents. Together they assist in the agenda development process as well as the educational awareness for NDIA members.

  • Integrated Program Management Division (IPMD): IPMD, formerly the Program Management Systems Committee (PMSC), is the primary forum for building strong Industry and Government working relationships to promote integrated program management using Earned Value Management (EVM). The IPMD works with the DOD and other Federal agencies on improvement initiatives for the mutual benefit of the Government and the Industrial base to understand and adapt to changes in the Government procurement environment.

  • Coalitions: Government Policy is involved either as a member or chair of several multi-association coalitions including: the Acquisition Reform Working Group (ARWG), Industry Logistics Coalition (ILC), Competition in Contractor Labor Relations, Coalition for Outsourcing and Privatization (COP), and the Council of Defense and Space Industry Associations (CODSIA).

  • Board of Directors Standing Committees: Because of the important policy implications attached to NDIA's government policy program, standing board committees on Education and Lobbying and International Activities have been established to provide oversight of departmental activities.

 Policy Staff

  • James Thomas, Director, Legislative Policy or (703) 247-2598
  • Ryan Ouimette, Legislative and Regulatory Research Associate or (703) 247-9463

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Membership in Multi-Association Coalitions

Acquisition Reform Working Group (ARWG)

ARWG is a working group that represents a cross section of the Government contracting community - including large and small business, system integrator, manufactures, service companies, and electronics and technology providers. 

Member Associations

Aerospace Industries Association (AIA)
American Council of Engineering Companies
American Council of Indpendent Laboratories
Associated General Contractors of America
National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA)
Professional Services Council
TechAmerica (formally AeA and ITAA)
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Association Activities

As co-chair of this association, NDIA assists in the annual ARWG legislative package  proposals for consideration by the various relevant Committees of Congress. Additionally, ARWG occasionally submits comments or testimony on relevant policy matters. Please direct questions regarding ARWG to James Thomas, Director of Legislative Policy, at       

Industry Logistics Coalition (ILC)

NDIA co-chairs the ILC which focuses on issues concerning outsourcing of DoD activities, and addressing the legislative restrictions on outsourcing. Please direct questions regarding the ILC to James Thomas at

Competition in Contractor Labor Relations

NDIA is a member of this coalition that focuses on changes in the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) concerning contractor responsibility determinations and cost allowability principles. Please direct questions regarding the Competition in Contractor Labor Relations coalition to James Thomas at

Federal Competition Coalition (FCC)

NDIA is a member of this coalition and serves on its Executive Board. The coalition is a broad-based organization that is concerned with the privatization of inherently non-governmental activities. Please direct questions regarding the FCC to James Thomas at

Council of Defense and Space Industry Associations (CODSIA)

NDIA is a member of this coalition. CODSIA is a vehicle for obtaining broad industry reactions to new or revised procurement regulations, policies and procedures. Please visit the CODISA Web site at: Questions regarding NDIA's involvement in CODSIA can be directed to James Thomas at

Coalition of Small Business Innovators (CSBI)

The Coalition of Small Business Innovators is a national, non-partisan coalition of organizations dedicated to stimulating sustained, private investment in small companies focusing on the development of transformative, life-changing new technologies. With small businesses working to advance research, development, and manufacturing of technologies that have the potential to solve critical economic, environmental, and societal challenges around the world, we seek to educate lawmakers and the public about the value of stimulating investment in these cutting-edge companies.

Member Organizations

Advanced Medical Technology Association
Algae Biomass Organization
American Small Manufacturers Coalition
Association of Clinical Research Organizations
Biotechnology Industry Organization
Center for Innovative Technology
Commercial Spaceflight Federations
Electricity Storage Association
Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association
Medical Device Manufacturers Association
NanoBusiness Commercialization Association
National Council for Advanced Manufacturing
National Association of State Energy Officials
Neurotechnology Industry Organization
Water Innovations Alliance

Collation Member Organization Descriptions

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Affiliate Associations

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